Elderly Woman Targeted By Negro Animal

We've seen the future of America. A nation that is broke both financially and spiritually, with no national vision or common purpose, a nation of competing victim groups stealing from White tax-paying suckers. When the hand-outs stop, when the negro brings in yet another one of Martin Luther King's "promissory notes" and is told there's no money left in the account, the veneer of order will fall away with alarming speed and our country will cannibalize itself. A totally preventable disaster, the end result of decades of marxist madness. For now the negro appeasement fund stays solvent and the coming horror stays confined to forgotten incidents that are ignored by the dinosaur media and the criminals in Washington.

A Memphis man is in jail and facing charges for robbing an 83-year-old woman in her own driveway as she was returning home from church.

The content of their character. Brown animals preying on elderly Whites, the new crime for Amerika's final days.
Police said Anderson put a gun to Mary Hall's face and demanded her purse and jewelry. Reportedly, he then told her "B****, if you look at me one more time I will kill you".

Nearly sixty years of wasted money and White blood on the ground. Nearly sixty years of lies. This is what we have earned, this is the behavior purchased at an appalling cost. Like an airplane with all its engines on fire the U.S.S.A. hurtles toward the unforgiving ground.

Soulless living fossil.
According to the affidavit of complaint, Anderson and a female suspect then used Hall's credit card to make a $6.14 purchase at a Kroger at 2269 Lamar and a $202.95 purchase at a BP at 3015 Lamar.
Next stop the "over-crowded" prison and a lenient sentence. His next elderly White victim probably won't escape unharmed. No one cares. 
America is beyond salvation. Anyone who thinks we can somehow fix this planned disaster from within is at best blindly optimistic. The only good news, relatively speaking, is the cultural marxist house of cards, built from lies and counterfeit currency and kosher hatred, is coming down. We must be ready for that day and ready to pick up the pieces.  


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