Habitat For Dangerous Animals

Lately we've been discussing the idea that Whites can somehow get the negro to behave itself if only we sacrifice enough money and blood. After decades of this plan failing spectacularly, culminating with the ultimate act of appeasement in electing a foreign mulatto, you would think that Whites would realize that we're not going to change inherent genetic differences by giving away phones or celebrating another meaningless "African American" first (First "African American" to Show Any Gratitude for White Sacrifices is one I'm still waiting for). Yet still they come.

This story is a fairly typical example of the pathological White do-gooding directed toward monsters that hate us. A White woman handed out change to negroes at a laundry and was promptly horribly murdered. The story has been forgotten. No outrage, no "enough of the pandering!" nothing. Whites continue to willingly place themselves on the altar of diversity to be a sweet savor for the jew behind this idolatry.

A group of people working at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in East Oakland that former President Jimmy Carter will visit next week were robbed at gunpoint, police said.

Building a habitat for brown animals. For your selfless dedication to The Other here is your reward: a gun in your face and alien hands "running yo' pockets."

Sleeping do-gooder Whites contribute to their own displacement.

Habitat for Humanity staff members and AmeriCorps workers were accosted by four men who robbed them of cell phones, wallets and tools, police said.

No race mentioned. The ever-dangerous "men." It's hard to believe the dinosaur media is still trying to get away with this sort of clumsy deception.

One of the robbers fired a shot into the air and pistol-whipped a man, who declined medical attention, authorities said.

We can only hope it knocked some sense into him.

The assailants fled in two cars. No arrests have been made.

The usual punch-line. 

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are scheduled to visit the site beginning Monday to help with the construction.

Too bad Mr. Peanut wasn't there for this "robbery gone wrong." Maybe then this story would have gotten a little more attention instead of the quick trip down the memory hole.

Delusional White useful idiots. Genetic aliens full of racially-motivated hate. A nation with an eroding rule of law. This is not a good combination. If the collapse happened today, which no longer seems very far-fetched, these White do-gooders would be lambs to the slaughter. We have to wake up our race and restore sanity in our lands. Our survival is at stake. 


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