He Gave His Life For Our Freedoms

Join the military, White man! Fight for Israel. Serve in illegal wars intended to enrich horrible bastards. Die without fathering any White children. This is the line from our enemies, when they're not normalizing sodomy or pushing jewish feminism as the other favorite tactics to destroy White lives and prevent the birth of White children. It's a con game. Our government is a criminal.

Then, if you survive your "tour" and successfully fight for "freedom" you can come home and be murdered by negro dog shit in the undeclared, one-sided race war.

Three soldiers were walking from Joint Base Lewis-McChord along Pacific Highway SW when a group of men in a car drove by and someone inside shouted a racial comment toward the white soldiers, the Lakewood Police Department said.

Business as usual in the U.S.S.A. This is the gratitude Whites can expect for risking their lives abroad and being forced to pay for negro pathology in taxes at home.

The soldiers saw their friend fall to the ground as the car sped away. The victim was bleeding profusely from a stab wound and died at the scene.

Another forgotten casualty of the war for White genocide.

"We came down here, and he was already dead in my brother's arms," said Glenn Zimmerman, a friend of the victim.

Will the story of this Zimmerman dominate the media's attention for the next several months, exposing the negro pathology and hatred for White America? All signs point to "no."

"I don't understand how someone can do this - that man, he almost gave his life for people to enjoy the freedoms they have and he was just stabbed for no (expletive) reason," he continued.

He fought for nothing and then was abandoned. Disposable Whites, used and tossed by the kosher powers that be.

He said it was too early to say that race was the motivating factor, but investigators were exploring whether the killing should be classified as a hate crime.

Do you think if a car-load of Whites yelled "hey nigger!" at some blacks and then stabbed one of them to death there would be the same hesitation to declare race a motivating factor? Do you think a story like that would go down the memory hole like this one will?

I should point out I'm against "hate crime" charges, which are just rabbinical nonsense. How about punishing the actual crime and getting serious about it, instead of a short stay in the "over crowded" prison, assuming "prison amnesty" doesn't occur first.

The main suspect is believed to be in his early 20s, about 6'1", medium build, and was wearing a blue zip-up hoodie.

Another child of Obama.

"He's going to get caught," Lawler said. "Nobody's going to give up until we catch up."

...the la-aaa-annnd of the...feeeee...and the home...of the....slaaaaaave.

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