Horrific Negro Hush Crime: Elderly White Woman Set on Fire in "Robbery Gone Wrong"

Not a lot can shock me these days. I've been covering the pathology of "minorities" and the kosher wire-pullers that unleashed them for well over a year and there are days when I think I've seen the absolute worst that the failed races we are forced to live with are capable of. Then a story like this comes along. A nightmarish crime that happened last year and was completely suppressed by the jew-controlled dinosaur media. A racially-motivated, senseless and appalling murder that has made me physically ill.

A Texas jury watched chilling surveillance footage on Monday that showed the moment a man robbed a convenience store clerk and set her ablaze before calmly ambling away.

To call this the anti-soul of the negro doesn't even seem strong enough. The thing that did this is part animal and part demon. It sure as hell isn't human.

Matthew Johnson, 36 — the accused bandit caught on the security camera — was charged with killing the clerk, 76-year-old Nancy Harris, who died after she was torched during the holdup in May 2012.

You probably remember the massive media coverage, the speeches from our political leaders, the immediate legislation introduced to protect vulnerable Whites from brown beasts. My mistake, it was another forgotten hush crime. We've got to focus on the important things, like negro ball scores, drinking ourselves stupid and punishing Whites for saying the "N word."

This piece of shit should be slowly tortured to death over a period of several weeks.

He faces the death penalty if he’s convicted.

It's Texas, so there's at least a chance. Then we'll be told he's "retarded" (the average negro I.Q. is 85) and as such isn't responsible, or it was "mistaken identity" and this will drag out for years, at White tax payer expense. Early release from an "over-crowded" prison isn't out of the question. 

Harris had already triggered a silent alarm to alert cops that there was a robbery in progress when Johnson allegedly doused the woman with lighter fluid and set her on fire.

"Robbery gone wrong." How much more of this pathology are Whites going to tolerate?

A security camera shows Johnson calmly walking out of the store as Harris scrambled to put out the flames.

This is why segregation existed in the past. This is why deportation must happen in the future.

Johnson was arrested after he tried to break into a nearby house.

A worthless, criminal, low I.Q. monster full of alien genetics. 

I don't even want to talk any more about this nigger horror. Yeah, that's right. May the U.S.S.A. die soon.


  1. Very sad story, did jug-ears make any speech for her?

    "This piece of shit should be slowly tortured to death over a period of several weeks."

    Note also that if you insert pin sized electrodes subdermally to the nerve clusters at the tips of the fingers and apply a current of 12-15mA you can keep them alive and in unbelievable pain indefinitely.

  2. I think practical minded white people must set their anger aside and work toward a feasible solution to the black white problem. White Christian lawmakers were the ones who voted (1964) to create this forced integration societal anomaly. Blacks need a homeland in America. S. Carolina is already half black, give them that state. Before this happens, however, the diabolical compulsory integration laws - created by LBJ - must be removed. IMO, all of us who know how wrong this forced integration system is, should be channeling our efforts in this direction i.e. ending forced integration.


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