Italy: White Woman Attends Anti-White Rally, Is Raped By Moroccan Invader

Some Whites think that if we fully embrace our own destruction, agree with every marxist lie and actively aid our enemies it will somehow buy safety, at least temporarily. This is, of course, not the case as the average brown criminal just wants a White target to prey upon and really doesn't care about the Obama and Coexist stickers on your car or your do-gooder projects to uplift them. Like it or not there's a war coming and your skin is your uniform, not the pretty lies in your head.

It is alleged that this leftist Italian chic from Reggiano, was "violated" by him after she and her "regazzi" participated in a multi-ethnic festival celebrating diversity.

After the anti-White celebration the genetic alien was all fired up to prey on Whitey and a convenient victim was right there. Diversity is White genocide. Multi-ethnic means the destruction of White nations and only White nations.

Genetic, cultural and religious alien raped a White woman.

The suspect is Buojemaa Es Sahly, 32 years old, from North Africa.  He was arrested in Rapallo.  

Another exciting cultural exchange with the religion of peace. Clearly, Europe needs to be flooded with more of this sewage.

The Mahgreb (North African immigrant), confronted the woman and her fiance, threatening them with a crowbar and a knife.

The diversity festival after-party. 

The boyfriend was immediately incapacitated (a crowbar to the kneecap will tend to do that). And the Mahgreb then brutally raped the woman.

If the victim was armed, as I always recommend, it would have ended a little differently for moe-ham-head. Defenseless "diversity" true-believers are lambs to the slaughter.

What will it take to wake Whites up? Will this woman keep extolling the virtues of foreign invasion from a hospital bed? Will the average American put down the beer with the little "U" on the bottle, turn off the negro ball on the electronic synagogue and realize we're in a war for survival?


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