The Latest Sickening Propaganda

Jew-controlled sports, along with the equally kosher music industry, has proven extremely effective in putting Whites to sleep. Our natural instincts toward tribalism and competition are harmlessly funneled into passively viewing negroes playing a child's game on the electronic synagogue. In this anesthetized state the marxist narrative goes into overdrive, pushing the negro as a desirable mating partner for White women, White self-defense as evil, the sodomite agenda and general frontal attacks on White Western Civilization. The slumbering White takes in this jewish spectacle and becomes a lamb to the slaughter. Negroes must be good and desirable, after all, because one on my "fantasy football" team scored the big "tug" to help the negroes in red beat the negroes in blue.

The message is White destruction. Sometimes it's so blatant you have to wonder how deeply brain-washed are people have become from the endless efforts of a poisoned culture.

A beautiful White woman paired with the most ugly negroes Abe Goldstein could find on short notice (I guess the "cornball negro," the gold standard for negro ugliness, wasn't available). The facial expressions on these worthless simians is unmistakable: "Can you believe this shit? White suckers allow us to defile their women, pay us millions and generally kiss our black ass. We love the U.S.S.A., gnomesayin."

The bats are positioned to symbolize erect penises. The snow hoe is being carried off like an African war trophy. "Who's Hot" screams an unrelated headline. The message is impossible to miss. Miscegenate. Die. White Genocide delivered to your mailbox. The profound sickness of our ruined nation.

White man, turn off the jewish sports. Spend the time you used to waste watching them getting in shape, learning to fight and learning to use a firearm. The collapse is coming.  


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