Louisville Begs Negroes To Stop Their Typical Behaviors

It's time to wrap up a week where we've explored the idea that we can somehow domesticate the negro and make it fit for Western Civilization. Different strategies have been tried. Of course there's the tax and spend, where the White tax paying sucker is forced to invest in the pathology and is rewarded with a low level one-sided race war. To add insult to injury, we get no gratitude for this massive waste of funds and criminals like the Kenyan mulatto sodomite are always quick to point out that "more needs to be done" even after wasting ungodly sums of money on genetic and cultural aliens.

Then there's do-gooding, where Whites and only Whites try to uplift the negro through acts of altruism that at best are met with sullen hostility and at worst murderous violence. Gratitude, justice and helping the less fortunate are meaningless to the negro. Instead it's always "gibs me dat." Besides, being too polite is "races" we are told by the cultural marxists that rule over us.

Finally, at the bottom of the barrel, is trying to somehow reason with the 85 I.Q. animal. It goes about as well as you would expect.

It has been a year and half since a violent shootout in west Louisville left three people dead and six others injured.

"We dyin' here!"

Anti-violence billboards have gone up in some areas of west Louisville, and many more are to follow. It is an initiative that's in conjunction with rapper Master P. It's also an initiative that is very close to Christopher 2X's heart.

Giant pieces of visual pollution try to somehow defeat genetic determinism. A negro (c)rapper and a negro professional victim form the dream team that will try to convince simians not to "bust."

The violent and deadly melee that erupted on May 17 of last year actually created an initiative to fight violence. The anti-violence billboards just went up this week as part of a large multimedia campaign.

Hopefully we can get "celebrities and athletes" to convince Barkevious that future orientation and delayed gratification be dope, yo.

Master P is taking a major role as well, his name appears on the billboards.

Who better to convince the negro to behave than someone who has made obscene amounts of money glorifying crime, drug use and "kill Whitey."

The billboards say "Put the guns down, let the kids grow.

Rejected slogans include "Stop Your Natural Self-Destructive Impulses, Somehow" and "Welfare and Drugs, Not Guns!"

We can't share a nation with aliens that can't handle concepts like "don't kill each other." The time has come for White Nationalism.


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