Seven Negroes Arrested in Detroit

Detroit has no money and no future. It represents the eventual fate of the entire U.S.S.A. The few remaining Whites are preyed upon by negro sewage, followed by "we dyin' here" appeals from the same black criminals for more money and blood from the White tax-paying sucker. We saw it in Rhodesia and now the African pathology is spreading through the west, laying waste to civilization.

Seven men are arrested in connection with what police say is a two-week killing spree in Detroit. Police believe the spree started with the murder of two teenage boys from Westland.

 Homo erectus targeted Whites in Detroit "killing spree."

The bodies of 18-year-old Jake Kudla and 17-year-old Jourdan Bobbish were found in a field on Detroit's east side late July of 2012. They had been missing for about a week.

Murdered by "diversity"

The boys' families eventually learned they visited an uncle's house, then went to a gas station looking to buy drugs. Investigators say they met with a group of guys who drove them to a house, robbed them, drove them to a field on Lyford Street and shot them to death.

Debased White drug addicts, introduced to this sickness by the kosher entertainment industry. First ruined by the jew, than murdered by the negro. Another victory for our enemies in the secret war for White genocide.

Police say on that day the group broke in and robbed a house, pistol whipped a 16-year-old boy and shot and killed John Villneff, a veteran and two-time Purple Heart recipient.

Another elderly White veteran who served in the American Golem becomes a casualty of the undeclared, one-sided race war.

Just hours later, in the early-morning hours of August 9, police believe some of the men are involved in a carjacking and used a woman to lure a 25-year-old man into an apartment building, robbing and killing him.

The first suspect was arrested in connection with John Villneff's murder and the rest slowly started to trickle in after that as, police say, the men began to turn on each other.

The arrests slowly fall into place, negro garbage hits the ground like shit falling out of a baboon.

"Maybe if those evil hood rats can pay for their crimes maybe I can close that chapter and continue to grieve," Virgie Kudla says. "The mommy side of me? I am beyond angry. But the logical side of me - I know that things take time," she continues.

Uh-oh. A White devil actually speaking the truth instead of the expected "I'm praying to jewish jay-sus to forgive his good little brown children." 

The logical side of me says that they should be removed from White nations.


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