White Money Buys Black Pack Attack in Detroit Rot City

The government has shut down. It means nothing, just another tiny example of our slow and painful transformation into a combination of Africa, Latin America and a weak and effeminate version of the former Soviet Union. The negro hand-outs will continue. Whites will keep on paying. Everything is as close to working properly as it ever gets in our ruined country. The day when the negro and la-teen-oh hand-outs stop, and it's perhaps closer than any of us think, is the day the U.S.S.A. will be placed on the ash heap. There will be coast to coast collapse. Sides will form along racial lines. I trust you're prepared.

Even now, with billions being wasted to try to keep the lid on, our reward is racially motivated negro attacks. Detroit, a bankrupt city annexed by Africa, recently the recipient of 300 million worth of appropriated White funds, is the site of the latest black pack attack.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy charged four men in connection with an assault on a veteran and his friend. The attack was captured on a surveillance camera.

The usual "high quality footage" of this horrible attack was collected. Grainy brown shapes running wild. The bleak future before the final collapse.

The charges allege that Donrico Hawkins, 32, punched the 64-year-old in the face at a BP gas station near 7 Mile Road and Woodward. When the man's 58-year old friend came to his aid, two other men with Hawkins began punching the 58-year-old. Those men, Cortez Hawkins, 31, and Juan Hawkins, 32, as well as Donrico Hawkins continued to punch and kick both victims repeatedly in the head and the rest of their bodies.

This story is so familiar I had to repeatedly check to make sure I wasn't re-posting something that happened months ago. All the usual elements are there. "Knockout Kings" gone wrong. Older victims targeted. Race as the main motivation. The violence continuing long after the victims are completely helpless, with the goal of killing or maiming.

This sort of thing has become normal and expected.

We tried to buy the good behavior of this animal.

Donrico Hawkins fled the area on foot. Cortez and Juan Hawkins were driven from the scene by Dominique Neal, 28, according to police. Neal is charged with 2 counts of accessory. Donrico, Cortez, and Juan Hawkins are all charged with 2 counts of assault. Cortez and Juan Hawkins are also charged with 1 count of felonious assault.
How repeatedly hitting a downed and helpless man fails to qualify as attempted murder can only be explained through the talmudic reasoning of our judicial system. "Over crowded" prisons, legacy of slavery and pilgrims, they're really good boys turning their lives around, etc.

It's open season on Whites. The negro is emboldened by the eroding rule of law and calls for "Kill Whitey" from our elected criminals and kosher media. The most weak and vulnerable Whites are targeted. 

The collapse is coming. We must survive it. Be armed. Be ready.


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