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U.S.S.A. Invaded, No One Notices or Cares

It's a great time to be one of the ruling kosher elite in today's U.S.S.A. While the standard of living for the average White American declines, while open one-sided race war erupts in the streets, spiritual sickness spreads and brown sewage continues to seep over the border these bastards have never had it better. The miracle jew printing press keeps churning out monetized debt, the criminal government is completely under their control and the average White citizen floats along in a waking dream of wage slavery, sports, chemicals and pornography. Things are so good for the wire-pullers that they seem oblivious to the fact that we're rushing toward a full collapse and when that day of reckoning comes at least some people will know where to point the finger.

A crowd of more than 100 people pelted Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles as they tried to cross into the U.S. illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

An invasion force from a foreign land at…

Negro "Open Shooter" Incident Gets Hush Crime Treatment

The U.S.S.A. is a house of cards. The myth of equality has been torn down by a free and honest exchange of ideas. Efforts to paper over the truth with marxist lies are almost impossible, thanks to the internet. Crimes that used to be buried now come to light at least some of the time. Whites are waking up. Efforts to pretend the American negro is something other than a low I.Q. animal are doomed. It's all going to collapse and I welcome that.

Seven men were shot in a hail of gunfire that extended across three blocks of East Oakland on Monday night, police said.

Why isn't this story being pushed by gun grabbers? Oh, "East Oakland." I see. Gun control is goyim control. It's all about disarming Whites.

Seven men -- all between the ages of 23 and 31 -- were shot between the two crime scenes, officials said. Two of the men were in critical condition Monday night; five others were expected to survive.

Don't worry White tax paying sucker, you'll get the bill for t…

Some Are More Equal Than Others

I'm against "hate crime charges" and in favor of the rule of law. Pretending the same crime is worse because of a thought process is rabbinical nonsense. We shouldn't have special sentences for ungood thought. The law should simply be enforced. In other words violent negroes shouldn't be given comically light sentences because a "progressive" is worried that the system is "races." Criminal law shouldn't be politicized. The guilty should be punished for what they actually did, end of story.

Instead we get the kosher double standard where White victims of racially motivated attacks are quickly forgotten and we even get lame "boys will be boys" excuses for the feral negroes involved. When the target is the light of the world, the magical bagel-scented creature that farts out goodness and joy the story is much different, both in the initial reaction and now the talmudic justice.

Police in Brooklyn have arrested a man and charged him w…

Sodomite Negro Football "Star" Murders Lover

For the marxist the purpose of sports is political. Provide some of the only non-fictional examples of negroes doing something positive, if ultimately meaningless. Enrich the jew behind the curtain. Sneak in cultural marxist sermons. Keep Whites asleep. This is a story of another "hero" negro athlete, worshiped by Whites. When the pale hands weren't clapping for this monster he was involved in buggery and murder.

Explosive information details in court documents show the two had been in a relationship in the past. The documents said the suspect was trying to move on, and the victim wouldn't let it go.

It's explosive in the same way diarrhea is. The spiritual sickness of the U.S.S.A. intersects with predictable "minority" failure.

Tarence Mitchell, Bloomfield High School's football captain stood scared before a judge Friday, accused in the fatal stabbing of Ronald Taylor, Jr.

Apparently playing a child's game at a low level is the defining feature o…

"Knockout Game" Victim Learns Nothing, Calls For More Wasteful Spending

We're in this mess because of our fellow Whites. Without the White careerist scumbag who would sell out his own mother for another day of materialism, the White beer-swilling moron watching the negro ball and the White "progressive" mind-washing victim propping up the communist lies we would win tomorrow. The enemy is a tiny, wildly unrepresentative group of Frankfurt School marxists. Their weapons are moronic "minorities" who are only a problem because of the protective hand of Whites. If Whites withdrew their support for the rotten system it would come crashing down. Soon that support will be involuntarily withdrawn anyway, when Whites are exterminated and driven to society's margins.

The bottom line is Whites are the most fair, just and open-minded race on the planet. We're also the most suicidal race on the planet.

Phoebe Connolly, who was punched in the face and laughed at by a group of teenagers playing the random and sometimes fatal “Knockout” gam…

Three More "Knockout Game" Racial Attacks in Philadelphia

The dinosaur media is finally being forced to report on that wacky and innocent "teen" prank where "youths" batter White victims. Those crazy kids. The racial element is still being aggressively ignored and I'm sure the kosher puppet masters are cooking up some phony "crisis" to keep the cattle from becoming too aware of their impending dispossession and destruction. Meanwhile, reports of "African Americans" brutalizing Whites continue to pour in.

Police in Lower Merion are investigating two attacks in the area, and Philadelphia detectives are investigating an attack in Northeast Philadelphia.

If three attacks were actually reported we can only imagine how many White victims simply remained silent, deciding that a "no arrests were made" outcome wasn't worth the humiliation of discussing a senseless assault with a police force more concerned about punishing thought crime and papering over the collapse of our urban areas with lies…

White Victim Had "Never Heard Of" Knockout Game

One of the main purposes of this blog is to warn Whites about the various pathologies of the "minorities" that are currently flooding our nations. The dinosaur media has certainly been aggressive in concealing the undeclared, one-sided race war against Whites currently raging. Many Whites still have no idea that "teens" enjoy selecting White victims for black pack attacks, mob robs, "rapes gone wrong," and, of course, "polar bear hunting." There's a heavy price to pay for this ignorance. If I can prevent even one White person from being the next forgotten hush crime all the work I've done on this blog will be completely worth it.

Phoebe Connolly says she had no idea what was coming when she biked through a group of teens in Columbia Heights.

This is exactly what I'm talking about when I refer to White ignorance, often willful ignorance, of race reality. Nothing good is going to happen when you pedal your swipple ten-speed into a mob o…

Playstation Sale Leads To Negro Shooting

Watch sports. Play video games. Watch porn. Listen to (c)rap music. Eat poison. Die. This is the kosher directive for today's White male. Everyday 4000 illegal la-teen-oh invaders slither under an unguarded fence, holding out their sombreros for the free things paid for by the White tax paying sucker. Every day another neighborhood dies, destroyed by the two-legged virus that is the American negro. Every day the jew injects new, worse venom into our culture, promoting spiritual sickness, materialism and decay. Most Whites keep sleeping, even as they are being fattened for slaughter.

Elsewhere, the hot new lotus-eater system is drawing predictable negro pathology.

Less than three days after the hot gaming system went on sale in the U.S. a 25-year-old Florida man was fatally shot and a second injured with gunshot wounds during its alleged sale.

A lot of these "games" are little more than negro violence simulators. Here, it's "game over" for a genetic and cultu…

Good News Monday: Negro Criminal Shot Ten Times, Dies

For now the offensive against our gun rights has ended, but we're only one "useful crisis" away from another marxist attempt to disarm the White population. An armed man makes a poor slave. An armed man can stand up against the evils in the world. The kosher criminals want defenseless sheep. For now it's one of the few nation-wrecking strategies that has failed. This is fortunate, considering we're forced to share living space with violent brown morons.

A man in Bassfield is dead, shot at least 10 times by a store owner he was allegedly trying to rob.

Robbery gone right.

LeRobert Young of Bassfield, born in 1978, was pronounced dead at the scene.

No race is given by the dinosaur media, of course, but I think we can safely assume this wasn't a White Frenchman.

According to investigators, the gunman entered a Get and Go convenience story early Monday morning outside Bassfield in Jefferson Davis County on Highway 42 and demanded money.

He got it and went, all righ…

Negro Monster Shot By Police in Neo-Natal Unit

The negro is never responsible for its own failure. It's "races" police, lack of opportunity, evil Whitey, pilgrims, the legacy of slavery, wicked Whitey, a "races" justice system, bad Whitey, etc. The result of this permissive "we can't hold you to the standards of civilization, you're a negro" attitude is the worst pathology imaginable. Combined with an eroding rule of law and a nation in decline, it's a recipe for disaster. It's a recipe for criminal simians pointing guns at babies.

22-year-old Ashanti Hendricks, the man involved in yesterday's shooting at Children's Hospital, has been moved to the Milwaukee County Jail.

Don't worry Whitey, the bill for all of this is already on the way.

Milwaukee police shot Hendricks at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin while trying to arrest him around 11:57 a.m.

The police are getting a lot of heat for this. Suffice it to say, almost no one in the dinosaur media is blaming the dark …

Signs of the Times

With the massive resources held by our enemy you would think they could at least produce decent propaganda, but the ideas they are pushing are so contrary to reality it's not easy and they often fail in spectacular fashion. Consider this website promoting marxist wealth redistribution in Colorado. It's called "do you got insurance." Expect to see websites called "get yo' free shit up in here" and "" soon. It's so ridiculous and insulting commentary is hardly necessary. Yes, this is all real.

A marxist dream made flesh. White males on the road to extinction, drunk off kosher booze and moronic patriotism. All we need is a talmudvision showing the negro ball and a computer streaming porn and this would perfectly depict what the nation-wreckers want to do to young White men. Stay drunk, stay stupid, die. "Yo, bro! Being displaced in a nation our ancestors built is the tits! Drink this! Woooo!!!"

Not sure how our nat…

Jews Hit By Negro Backlash

The nation-wreckers, the jew, the careerist useful White idiots, the power elites, have decided Whites must be driven to society's margins and then destroyed. In their mind this will create a nation of mindless, cultureless, brown slaves that can be easily controlled, at last fulfilling the talmudic promise of thousands of "gentile" slaves for each chosen one. In reality, the brown mass is going to prove a lot harder to domesticate than the light of the world realizes. By the time they realize that maybe thoroughly debased and subdued Whites weren't such a bad thing they will be feeling the cold kiss of the jihadan scimitar, the hot lead of a old soviet AK-47 wielded by a Sudanese child or the fists of an American negro.

The NYPD is looking into a series of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn. At least one attack was caught on surveillance tape. 

Just because you let the animal out of the cage doesn't mean it will be grateful.

“It’s clearly anti-Semitism,” the man said.


Jewess Sees Imaginary White Racism In Dying Sweden

Of all the races Whites are the most tolerant of others by a wide margin. We are tolerant to the point of suicidal, flooding our nations with dangerous brown sewage in hopes that there might be a mythical "one good one" in there, somewhere. We sit in silence while our nations die, while our culture and history is distorted and vilified. Our reward for this open-mindedness is destruction. As if that wasn't enough, during the process of our displacement, a displacement we allowed to happen in the name of doing the "right thing," we have to constantly hear from virulently anti-White individuals about just how evil we are. "Please die faster, Whitey," is the new kosher war cry. Our very existence and continued survival is "races."

Just ask a marxist jew.

In an article this week in Expressen, one of Sweden's biggest newspapers, editor-in-chief Frida Boisen contends that Sweden is a racist country. She cites a study of the nations who are part …

The Mob Stops For No One

It's almost been a hundred years since the Great War, the War Against War, the War that kicked off the jewish century, ended. Europe was left in ruins, a whole generation of White men were slaughtered and the nightmare of jewish communism began in Russia. Today we mark the Armistice, the end of the first fit of suicidal madness that decimated Whites in the last century, by thinking about our veterans who fought for the American Golem and Israeli interests. Meanwhile the same communism that broke out like a virus after the end of the World War now dominates America.

In Chicago a pack of blacks ran wild, stealing. Our educational system and criminal government encouraged this. The dinosaur media won't name the obvious racial element. Another stab in the back for Whites.

Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods.

It's only unbelievable to slumbering Whites who ge…

Negro Pack Terrorizes Unarmed Whites in Home Invasion Horror

If you live in the U.S.S.A. you are not safe in your own home. It's impossible to come to any other conclusion in light of one negro home invasion after another. We need to armed. We need to plan for negro break-ins. It might make the difference between surviving or being the next forgotten hush crime murder victim. It might prevent being raped by a jungle monster.

The affidavit was released as two of the men arrested in connection with the crimes — Alexander Dupree, 23, and Trae Spells, 18 — appeared Monday afternoon in Marion County criminal court, where they were formally charged with rape, criminal deviate conduct, robbery and criminal confinement.

These dark animals preyed on defenseless Whites. Will you be the next victim?

The affidavit alleges that a couple and their daughter living in a residence in the 800 block of East 79th Street were terrorized, possibly for hours, on Oct. 29 by a group of men that included Dupree and Spells.

Tortured for hours by brown dog shit. The con…

Negro and La-Teen-Oh Team Up For Fatal Home Invasion

In the U.S.S.A. you don't have to go to "bad areas" anymore, they will come to you. In most cities it's impossible to go even one day without encountering dangerous brown outsiders and the few remaining White enclaves are being specifically targeted for "diversity" by our criminal government. This means we'll be see more cases of "standing in your driveway while an elderly White gone wrong" and more home invasions where natural conservatives and Obama's sons run wild.

A 78-year-old man who was badly beaten while trying to defend a tenant during an armed home invasion in Providence has died of his injuries.

Another elderly victim of the brown pathology.

Maybe we can get this animal to vote for Cruz.
NBC 10 learned Tuesday that Delor Cabral died Sunday at Rhode Island Hospital.
Another forgotten victim of the rot.
Cabral, a former sheriff, was critically injured last month when he tried to defend his tenant from gunmen who broke into the Ontario…

Black Pack Attack Leads to Rape

Even an American negro with an 85 I.Q. is capable of noticing the eroding rule of law, the endless excuses, the free hand-outs courtesy of working White suckers and all the other disastrous trends that have been accelerating ever since we voted for communism. The result is their behavior, which has always defaulted toward the destructive, is now freed of whatever modest constraints might have been instilled by fear of White reprisals. They are now free to behave like the animals that they are, while the dinosaur media and our criminal government turn a blind eye.

When neighbors on McKinley Street in Hollywood heard screaming from the cozy yellow house in the middle of the block, they thought the young people who hung out there were just having a party.

Yup, probably just those fun-loving and basically decent "young people" letting off a little steam. Certainly not a pack beating and rape.

“I always thought it was strange,” said one neighbor who has lived on the block for the p…

Of Foreign Origin

Europe is dying fast. No White nation can survive decades of non-White invasion, especially one that has fallen into the kosher traps of materialism, feminism and equality. Scandinavia, once know for its high standard of living, beautiful people and rich culture, is now becoming the land of brown rape, murder and mayhem. The children of Vikings now watch helplessly as genetic, cultural and religious aliens flood their lands, bringing their third world failure with them. No one is lifted up, everyone is driven down. The miracle of "diversity."

The suspect, in his 50s and of foreign origin, has been arrested, police told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Come to White nations, foreign sewage. Loot. Suck the taxes. Run wild. It's all right, we're atoning for imaginary crimes this guy with a little cap on the back of his head said we committed.

The victims - one woman and two men - included the bus driver. There were no immediate details of other casualties.

Bus jiha…

Somali Terrorist Outwits Bumbling Authorities, Cameras in Great Britainistan

The United Kaliphate is proof that worse is not better, as some claim, it's just worse. Five day riots, unarmed self-defense control, mosques and cameras on every corner, thought and face crime; these are just a sampling of the indignities visited on the hero nation that bravely fought off evil Germany and helped pave the way for the jewish century. Today's Britainistan is barely recognizable as a formerly White nation. There is no miracle comeback for the shrinking White population, only continued marginalization as a history and culture that goes back to 1066 dies in a single generation. The legacy of the Norman conquest is swept aside in record time by the new conquest, the Muslim conquest.

A  terrorism suspect is on the run after disguising himself as a woman by wearing a burqa, British authorities said.

"There will always be an England..."
Security camera images showed Somalia-born Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed entering the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre in West Lond…

Cultural Marxism to English Translator

Racism: Anything that represents the self-interests of Whites.

Diversity: Fewer Whites

Multi-Culturalism: Flooding White nations, and only White nations, with identical looking and behaving genetic, cultural and religious aliens.

Hate Crimes: Rabbinical nonsense created to intimidate Whites.

Hate Speech: Anything we don't agree with.

Hate: An insult used as a last resort, name-calling in the absence of a rational argument.

Progressive: Communist, Anti-White.

Liberal: Socialist, Anti-White.

Narrative: Lies told by communists.

College: Communist Indoctrination Center, used to instill right-think and create White debt slaves.

Civil Rights: A cudgel used to attack free association.

Black History Month: Mulatto fairy tales month.

Black Inventors: Peanut stories, other assorted lies.

First Black "X": An increasingly meaningless celebration of the first mulatto in a given field/position, a tool to create White guilt.

The "N" Word: Ungood speech.

Civil Rights Leader…