Cultural Marxism to English Translator

Racism: Anything that represents the self-interests of Whites.

Diversity: Fewer Whites

Multi-Culturalism: Flooding White nations, and only White nations, with identical looking and behaving genetic, cultural and religious aliens.

Hate Crimes: Rabbinical nonsense created to intimidate Whites.

Hate Speech: Anything we don't agree with.

Hate: An insult used as a last resort, name-calling in the absence of a rational argument.

Progressive: Communist, Anti-White.

Liberal: Socialist, Anti-White.

Narrative: Lies told by communists.

College: Communist Indoctrination Center, used to instill right-think and create White debt slaves.

Civil Rights: A cudgel used to attack free association.

Black History Month: Mulatto fairy tales month.

Black Inventors: Peanut stories, other assorted lies.

First Black "X": An increasingly meaningless celebration of the first mulatto in a given field/position, a tool to create White guilt.

The "N" Word: Ungood speech.

Civil Rights Leader: Anti-White Con Man.

Undocumented: An illegal invader, a biological weapon used against Whites.

White Privilege: Special White rights like paying taxes, being targeted by black pack attacks, constantly being told how evil we are we the educational system and kosher media, etc.

I'm Not a Jew: I'm a jew.

Holocaust: Soviet war propaganda being taught as fact in schools.

Holodomor: How did you find out about that, goy? You better watch a lot more television.

Materialism: Keeping Whites fat, stupid and distracted so their genocide can be carried out.

Professional Sports: A jew-controlled money scam to distract Whites, create "narratives" and line their pockets.

Feminism: Destruction of the family and normal male/female relationships, aimed solely at Whites.

Gay Rights: The sodomite agenda, another weapon for destroying the family and preventing the birth of White children.

The U.S.A.: United Soviet States of Amerika, a dying nation, soon to be replaced.


  1. Brilliant, should be photocopied and inserted into dictionaries in libraries, actually everywhere.


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