Good News Monday: Negro Criminal Shot Ten Times, Dies

For now the offensive against our gun rights has ended, but we're only one "useful crisis" away from another marxist attempt to disarm the White population. An armed man makes a poor slave. An armed man can stand up against the evils in the world. The kosher criminals want defenseless sheep. For now it's one of the few nation-wrecking strategies that has failed. This is fortunate, considering we're forced to share living space with violent brown morons.

A man in Bassfield is dead, shot at least 10 times by a store owner he was allegedly trying to rob.

Robbery gone right.

LeRobert Young of Bassfield, born in 1978, was pronounced dead at the scene.

No race is given by the dinosaur media, of course, but I think we can safely assume this wasn't a White Frenchman.

According to investigators, the gunman entered a Get and Go convenience story early Monday morning outside Bassfield in Jefferson Davis County on Highway 42 and demanded money.

He got it and went, all right. Got pumped full of hot lead and went to hell.

The armed robber shot the store owner in the leg before all the money had been handed over. Authorities say the gunman then walked outside and returned to get the rest of the cash, but by that time the owner had managed to get a gun. When the gunman approached, the owner shot the robber at least 11 times.

Compliance had failed. Many Whites still believe if they just go along with the negro criminal they won't be hurt, despite endless "robbery gone wrong" stories. The negro returned to prey on a White man. Instead it got turned into Swiss cheese. Still don't think you need that "high capacity magazine?"

Jefferson David County Coroner Jimmy Slater said he found at least 10 bullet holes created by a 9mm handgun.

Dead negro garbage in the morgue. No trip to the "crib" to live on Whitey's dime, no future pathology after the early release. Just another worthless brown body for the compost heap. Where the U.S.S.A. failed, the gun succeeded.

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