Jewess Sees Imaginary White Racism In Dying Sweden

Of all the races Whites are the most tolerant of others by a wide margin. We are tolerant to the point of suicidal, flooding our nations with dangerous brown sewage in hopes that there might be a mythical "one good one" in there, somewhere. We sit in silence while our nations die, while our culture and history is distorted and vilified. Our reward for this open-mindedness is destruction. As if that wasn't enough, during the process of our displacement, a displacement we allowed to happen in the name of doing the "right thing," we have to constantly hear from virulently anti-White individuals about just how evil we are. "Please die faster, Whitey," is the new kosher war cry. Our very existence and continued survival is "races."

Just ask a marxist jew.

In an article this week in Expressen, one of Sweden's biggest newspapers, editor-in-chief Frida Boisen contends that Sweden is a racist country. She cites a study of the nations who are part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; in this study, Sweden was found to be the worst in regard to giving immigrants jobs.

Let's parse the newspeak. Sweden is bad. They allowed non-White trash to flood into their country, bringing third world malfunction with them. Predictable disaster followed, while "racist" Whites watched helplessly and didn't so much as raise a finger against the invading brown horde. But they're still evil! They're not "giving" jobs to the invader, says the jewess. Because a job is something that's just given away to anyone that can fog a mirror. It's also obvious most "immigrants" have little interest in honest work when they can simply suck the taxes.

Sweden is the hardest place to get a job in, no matter how well educated you are. As Boisen writes, if you're an immigrant to Sweden, there's a good chance you might end up working as a taxi driver, even if you're a trained doctor or engineer.

Oy, the sufferink. Here's an easy solution: don't immigrate to a White country. Let's cut through the rabbinical nonsense: if it's so bad, why did you come there? Also wearing a witch-doctor mask and shaking a rattle over a G.R.I.D.S. victim or constructing a mud hut does not make you a "trained doctor or engineer" by White western standards.

It wasn't uncommon for people to refer to me as "svartskalle" (literally, "blackhead") or "blatte" (slang for "foreigner"); once someone even called shouted "neger" (yes, "nigger") at me on the street. Charming.

Meanwhile Whites are regularly raped and murdered by the invaders, but I guess that's not as bad as being called a name. Once. Assuming it actually happened.

Obviously Whites are irredeemably wicked and need to be isolated in our own nations, for the good of the Sun People. We don't want some welfare colonist to endure the horror of being called a "neger." White nations would solve this problem.

But when I left Sweden after a number of frustrating years there, I thought that though I wanted to work with Swedish and though I wanted to continue to visit the country, I wouldn't live there again.

See, a happy ending! I would recommend this solution for all "immigrants."

The ugly jewess behind this anti-White drivel.
Here in the UK, after I gave a talk once, someone came up to me to warn me that Brits don't like Jews and if I wanted to have a career and a life here, I ought to change my last name.
Special unique suffering, six million up the chimney, addition Soviet propaganda stories, etc, etc.

Racism is a serious problem in Sweden, and the OECD survey proves this. But it's also a major problem in many other countries, and it's time that we look seriously at ourselves and think about what we mean by nationalism.

Nationalism is the right to existence and self-determination. Both of these are threatened when politicians import a permanent dark underclass. The solution is White nations.
Whites simply aren't being destroyed fast enough. There's even a few out there that yell bad names! For this piece of jew dog shit the answer is more brain-washing, more genocide, more invasion, more rape, more murder, more pitiful groveling. For me the answer is removing the brown alien that we've treated so badly. They can return to their homelands and resume the flying/pyramid building free from the evils of Western Civilization. What could be more equitable? 


  1. Good God she is replusive but then they all are. No wonder "shiksa" as they put it (vile word) is their preference given the above. We need to remove them all. Perhaps if we ask nicely they will go. Seriously because then they will have to admit that they actually really want to be in our Nations.


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