Negro and La-Teen-Oh Team Up For Fatal Home Invasion

In the U.S.S.A. you don't have to go to "bad areas" anymore, they will come to you. In most cities it's impossible to go even one day without encountering dangerous brown outsiders and the few remaining White enclaves are being specifically targeted for "diversity" by our criminal government. This means we'll be see more cases of "standing in your driveway while an elderly White gone wrong" and more home invasions where natural conservatives and Obama's sons run wild.

A 78-year-old man who was badly beaten while trying to defend a tenant during an armed home invasion in Providence has died of his injuries.

Another elderly victim of the brown pathology.

Maybe we can get this animal to vote for Cruz.

NBC 10 learned Tuesday that Delor Cabral died Sunday at Rhode Island Hospital.

Another forgotten victim of the rot.

Cabral, a former sheriff, was critically injured last month when he tried to defend his tenant from gunmen who broke into the Ontario Street dwelling.

No race mentioned, of course. Mysterious "gunmen." Our gun-rights vilified and the actual racial dynamics concealed. Well done, dinosaur media.

Wilbert Richardson and Joel Valdez are being held at the Cranston jail on multiple charges in connection with Cabral's beating.

More victims of the "races" justice system.

It murdered an elderly man.

Police Commander Thomas Oates III says investigators are waiting for the medical examiner's office to determine Cabral's cause of death to see whether it will be ruled a homicide.

Yeah, let's try to figure that out.

We need to be armed. There's a very real chance of being attacked on your own property by negro or may-hee-can garbage. Plan accordingly.


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