Of Foreign Origin

Europe is dying fast. No White nation can survive decades of non-White invasion, especially one that has fallen into the kosher traps of materialism, feminism and equality. Scandinavia, once know for its high standard of living, beautiful people and rich culture, is now becoming the land of brown rape, murder and mayhem. The children of Vikings now watch helplessly as genetic, cultural and religious aliens flood their lands, bringing their third world failure with them. No one is lifted up, everyone is driven down. The miracle of "diversity."

The suspect, in his 50s and of foreign origin, has been arrested, police told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Come to White nations, foreign sewage. Loot. Suck the taxes. Run wild. It's all right, we're atoning for imaginary crimes this guy with a little cap on the back of his head said we committed.

The victims - one woman and two men - included the bus driver. There were no immediate details of other casualties.

Bus jihad in a White nation. Obviously we need more thought and speech crime laws, and fewer freedoms in general for the native White population.

The attack took place around 17:30 local time (16:30 GMT) on a remote mountain road near Ardal, about 220km (135 miles) north-west of Oslo.

You would think a remote mountain road deep within a White nation would be safe from brown pathology and you'd be wrong. There's no where left to run. We stand or die.

"It was impossible to open the doors. Then we saw a dark-skinned person inside the bus. At first, we thought he was trying to get out but then saw he was moving around with a knife, and we realised that the situation was quite different," he said.

Cleaning up after the "dark-skinned person."

The suspect is being treated in hospital for knife wounds, police said.

You'll get the bill, Whitey.

"Go back to Europe," say the anti-Whites. I wish I could. It's gone.


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