Playstation Sale Leads To Negro Shooting

Watch sports. Play video games. Watch porn. Listen to (c)rap music. Eat poison. Die. This is the kosher directive for today's White male. Everyday 4000 illegal la-teen-oh invaders slither under an unguarded fence, holding out their sombreros for the free things paid for by the White tax paying sucker. Every day another neighborhood dies, destroyed by the two-legged virus that is the American negro. Every day the jew injects new, worse venom into our culture, promoting spiritual sickness, materialism and decay. Most Whites keep sleeping, even as they are being fattened for slaughter.

Elsewhere, the hot new lotus-eater system is drawing predictable negro pathology.

Less than three days after the hot gaming system went on sale in the U.S. a 25-year-old Florida man was fatally shot and a second injured with gunshot wounds during its alleged sale.

A lot of these "games" are little more than negro violence simulators. Here, it's "game over" for a genetic and cultural alien.

Orlando police say Emmanuel Johnson, 25, was shot and killed Sunday evening after the transaction went wrong.

"Transaction gone wrong." If the dinosaur media can be counted on for anything, it's providing new "Negro garbage doing [x] gone wrong."

Police say a 23-year-old man, not identified, planned to meet Johnson outside downtown police headquarters at 4:30 p.m., the Orlando Sentinel reports.

This anthropological curiosity was murdered.
In the gaming console's first 24 hours on sale more than 1 million units were sold. The item, selling for around $399.99, appears sold out in most stores. Some are seen being sold on sites like eBay for nearly three times its retail price.
Paying big money to hide in a fantasy world. The illness of a dying nation.

We can stay asleep, try to hide in a fog of fantasy. Or wake up.


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