Signs of the Times

With the massive resources held by our enemy you would think they could at least produce decent propaganda, but the ideas they are pushing are so contrary to reality it's not easy and they often fail in spectacular fashion. Consider this website promoting marxist wealth redistribution in Colorado. It's called "do you got insurance." Expect to see websites called "get yo' free shit up in here" and "" soon. It's so ridiculous and insulting commentary is hardly necessary. Yes, this is all real.

A marxist dream made flesh. White males on the road to extinction, drunk off kosher booze and moronic patriotism. All we need is a talmudvision showing the negro ball and a computer streaming porn and this would perfectly depict what the nation-wreckers want to do to young White men. Stay drunk, stay stupid, die. "Yo, bro! Being displaced in a nation our ancestors built is the tits! Drink this! Woooo!!!"

Not sure how our nation ended up perched on financial, spiritual and racial disaster. It could totally fall, but that's OK. As long as a White nation replaces it.

Another drunken White loser. I think I see a pattern emerging. This is what the ruling criminals think of you, young White man. Easily controlled drunken fools, lambs to the slaughter. Prove them wrong.

Here promiscuity is promoted, as White women are encouraged to have meaningless encounters with swarthy scumbags. Don't worry, your communist government will make sure you don't have any White children by pumping you full of pills and providing abortions that cause permanent damage to your reproductive system, along with the herpes and hepatitis you'll end up getting.

I guess the la-teen-oh isn't going to be getting those government provided infanticide services. In fact, childbirth is promoted, but only for non-Whites.

Here we get pregnant mystery meat, hours away from adding another brown mouth to the U.S.S.A. Don't worry, your magical government, funded by the White tax-paying sucker will pay for this racial replacement. They won't even notice their own genocide, since we'll have them busy getting drunk and having meaningless sexual encounters. Could this be any more blatant?

And finally here's a creepy-looking negro leering menacingly while wielding a giant knife. I wonder what he'll grow up to be like?

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.


  1. Good and accurate commentary on all the above. I could see many more on the above referenced official website that would warrant the same. You can see the magnificently decadent propaganda pictures complete with poor grammar "so dey be keepin it real" and encouragement to disease and oblivion in all of them.

    This really shouldn't be happening in what was once an all White nation. I am amazed after all the "commie" witch-hunts of McCarthyism there has been a complete 180 and utter communism prevails. They will now do to America what they did to the USSR only with a different tack and when they finish they will move on to another viable host. I hope Russia's past serves to innoculate them against a reinfection.

    Also it is with sadness that I inform you that is already taken by a movie about a gay rights activist and a emotionally scarred teen. How fitting, if only the author meant it in irony but I doubt it.

    "John, an abused and emotionally scared (sic) teen, seeks solace and the answers he so desperately needs from Lync, a Gay Rights Activist, whose arrogance and unwillingness to just listen, and forgive John's learned ignorance, causes a violent misunderstanding that results in another lost chance to learn from one another."

  2. I loathe these initiatives, it is clear that in the end it is only the corporate profiteers, those who are "more equal" that will benefit from Obamacare. Oh yes and the underclass. Now as if we need to ask, who does that leave to foot the bill...


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