Somali Terrorist Outwits Bumbling Authorities, Cameras in Great Britainistan

The United Kaliphate is proof that worse is not better, as some claim, it's just worse. Five day riots, unarmed self-defense control, mosques and cameras on every corner, thought and face crime; these are just a sampling of the indignities visited on the hero nation that bravely fought off evil Germany and helped pave the way for the jewish century. Today's Britainistan is barely recognizable as a formerly White nation. There is no miracle comeback for the shrinking White population, only continued marginalization as a history and culture that goes back to 1066 dies in a single generation. The legacy of the Norman conquest is swept aside in record time by the new conquest, the Muslim conquest.

A  terrorism suspect is on the run after disguising himself as a woman by wearing a burqa, British authorities said.

"There will always be an England..."

Security camera images showed Somalia-born Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed entering the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre in West London at around 10 a.m. local time (6 a.m. ET) Friday wearing Western-style clothes.

Terrorist training and recruiting centers operating openly in Londonistan. Worthless grainy footage collected by a surveillance system predicted by Orwell. A genetic, cultural and religious plague imported to destroy Whites.

However, police say at some point he changed into “Islamic clothing” and left the mosque unnoticed.

At some point the U.K. changed into "Islamic clothing," with the help of a kosher tailor, and completely lost its collective mind.

British Security Minister James Brokenshire said officials do not believe Mohamed poses a direct threat to the public.

These are the same authorities who thought arrested White "vigilantes" was the highest priority during the last round of jihadan rioting.

Biological weapon deployed against White nations.

"National security is the government's top priority and the police are doing everything in their power to apprehend this man as quickly as possible,” he added.
"No arrests where made." Stay asleep and defenseless, Whitey, your government will protect you from the fanatics it imported. 

A spokesman for the An-Noor Masjid and Community Centre said they did not intend to comment.

They were too busy giving a sermon on "jihad against the White kafir" to a sea of brown sewage.

The road back is organization and preparedness, not hoping that a magical reversal happens because things have gotten so bad. It won't, not as long as the jewish sports, booze and pornography keep flowing and our worthless currency can still buy them. If we're going to have a future we have to start working for it.


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