Some Are More Equal Than Others

I'm against "hate crime charges" and in favor of the rule of law. Pretending the same crime is worse because of a thought process is rabbinical nonsense. We shouldn't have special sentences for ungood thought. The law should simply be enforced. In other words violent negroes shouldn't be given comically light sentences because a "progressive" is worried that the system is "races." Criminal law shouldn't be politicized. The guilty should be punished for what they actually did, end of story.

Instead we get the kosher double standard where White victims of racially motivated attacks are quickly forgotten and we even get lame "boys will be boys" excuses for the feral negroes involved. When the target is the light of the world, the magical bagel-scented creature that farts out goodness and joy the story is much different, both in the initial reaction and now the talmudic justice.

Police in Brooklyn have arrested a man and charged him with committing a hate crime after he allegedly assaulted a Jewish person on the streets of Brooklyn early Friday amid a rash of similar attacks being considered part of a growing “knockout” game.

Yeah, the dinosaur media is going to pretend this is a new thing, and not a negro pathology that's been given the hush crime treatment for several years. Of course, now that inner party members are being attacked the rules have changed. Notice the identification of the victim as "jewish" is front and center. When was the last time a dinosaur media article led off by mentioning the "White victim" of typical negro malfunction?

Amrit Marajh, 28, was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime following a Friday morning incident that left a Jewish man four years his junior badly bruised.

"Oy vey, badly bruised by the schwartz we unleashed! My whole family up a chimney!"

A jew got bruised. We've seen Whites murdered by this "game" and the only response from the corrupt system was getting the story into the memory hole as fast as possible. The goal is White genocide.

Defense attorney James Kirshner told reporters in the aftermath that his client never heard of the recent phenomena surrounding the so-called game, “knockout,” in which groups of predominantly young men have been accused of surrounding unsuspected targets and then unleashing on them with the intent of knocking them out.

"Recent phenomena." "Young men." Lies, all lies.

As RT reported previously, a wave of these assaults has emerged across Brooklyn in recent weeks, and in many cases the victims were all described as Jewish.

The monster has turned on the master. Suddenly this pathology is worth noticing.

“It’s ‘knockout,’ and it happens to be a Jew in each and every case,” Hikind added.

Well, if you ignore the countless incidents involving White victims, but I guess when you're g*d's best friend and every non-jew isn't worth one of your fingernails it's easy to make that mistake.

New York City Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. has appealed to the federal government for assistance

Yeah. Really. Crank up that magical printing press, we've got another holohoax on our hands.

However, reports of “knockout” games have surfaced recently in cities ranging from coast to coast, where assailants have grouped together to target innocent bystanders unprovoked regardless of race.

And by that we mean it's a White victim of racially motivated violence every single time.

Because he is Jewish, authorities are treating the latest incident as a hate crime.

Suddenly we actually care about negro pathology. Please don't notice this and wake up, goyim.

On his part, Marajh told Times reporters after being released on $750 bail, “I never hit the guy.”

"I din do nuffin'"

It turned on the kosher zookeepers.

Marajh's attorney told the Times that his client is not anti-Semitic and that his girlfriend is Jewish.  

"I be concubining dis jewess biz-atch. I ain't no his-ter."  

In a White nation there would be no "hate crimes," no special victim groups, no tiny cap wearing bastards who honestly believe they're some kind of special miracle. We need that White nation, free from the sickness we now live under.


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