White Victim Had "Never Heard Of" Knockout Game

One of the main purposes of this blog is to warn Whites about the various pathologies of the "minorities" that are currently flooding our nations. The dinosaur media has certainly been aggressive in concealing the undeclared, one-sided race war against Whites currently raging. Many Whites still have no idea that "teens" enjoy selecting White victims for black pack attacks, mob robs, "rapes gone wrong," and, of course, "polar bear hunting." There's a heavy price to pay for this ignorance. If I can prevent even one White person from being the next forgotten hush crime all the work I've done on this blog will be completely worth it.

Phoebe Connolly says she had no idea what was coming when she biked through a group of teens in Columbia Heights.

This is exactly what I'm talking about when I refer to White ignorance, often willful ignorance, of race reality. Nothing good is going to happen when you pedal your swipple ten-speed into a mob of sub-Saharan malfunction. Naturally the dinosaur media neglects to report the racial element. "Teens." Is anyone still fooled? The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

“He just like threw a hook with his left hand, and just got me right in the face,” she continues. “And he said ‘wa-pow’ as he hit me in the face.”

The negro anti-soul. 85 I.Q. animals preying on unarmed, oblivious victims.

“I posted something on Facebook, and a friend of mine said, ‘Oh, that sounds like the knockout game.’ And I’d never heard of it.”

Yeah. Imagine that. Thanks to a massive dereliction of duty from our dinosaur media most Whites have no idea that these attacks are now common. Compare and contrast this to the reaction when the simian alien preyed on the light of the world. Immediately we got cries of "anti-semitism" and "my 5000 relatives all went up a Polish chimney" and the deployment of special "hate crime" squads.

Most Whites aren't even aware that they're being targeted for genocide.

Phoebe then Googled it and realized the same thing had happened the night before in the District.

That one was also covered up.

A 27-year-old woman says Thursday night she was on foot when a group of teens, also on bikes, came up. One punched her hard in the back of her head. But she was not knocked out either, telling ABC7 she was left with a sore head and neck.

This White victim doesn't even get a name.

“Are they going to take somebody’s money? Are they going to take their cell phone? No, they’re just going to knock you out. There’s no purpose for it whatsoever,” she says.

Even after the attack she keeps on sleeping. There's a purpose. It's called "kill Whitey."

Attacked for being White, learned nothing from the incident.

If you're White it's time to put away that bicycle and start learning how to use a firearm, how to fight in close quarters and how to anticipate and avoid hate-filled "African Americans" that we're forced to live with. Obviously, the kosher wire-pullers want us dead. If we're going to survive we first need to educate other Whites and then start planning for the coming collapse.


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