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New Year To Begin With Celebration of Spiritual Sickness

2013 was the year of the apology, the year of the groveling, the year of White cowardice. Even as Western Civilization begins its death rattle the vast majority of Whites remain in a coma induced by a cocktail of materialism, careerism, White guilt, chemicals and jewish "entertainment." Our rights continue to erode, our enemy senses the end is near and becomes more and more desperate to push their twisted visions on us. So it will be in 2014, starting with sodomite sickness front and center.

Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair joke that they're getting married New Year's Day in front of 80 million of their closest friends, and the men say they aren't that concerned that a few thousand others may boycott the first gay marriage at the 125-year-old Rose Parade.

Let's watch two mentally diseased sodomites mock normality to start the new year. Grandpa, you might want to skip the Rose Bowl this year. Go in the basement and look at your World War 2 medals, think about how…

"Teens" Put Brooklyn Mall "On Tilt"

The eroding rule of law in the U.S.S.A. combined with the cowardice of our elected criminals and the dinosaur media is creating a nation where massive "no arrests were made" negro riots are becoming common. As we enter this new stage of the collapse we can expect to see entire cities put "on tilt" by mobs of identical looking and behaving diversity. This is what we bought with the hand-outs and special preferences. The negro needs to be removed. They are simply incapable of functioning in a civilized White nation.

A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday.

The same tired media code words. "Teens." "Flash mob." This is a negro riot, not a bunch of swipple Whites assembling to sing Winter Season carols.

More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings…

"Teens" Riot in Florida All Against All

It's been a black Christmas in the U.S.S.A., full of the usual negro malfunction and the usual disinterest from the dinosaur media that now acts primarily as a bullying tool for sodomites. It started with the shooting of negro Santa and ended with a massive, Africa-style meltdown outside a movie theater, the same theater currently vomiting out anti-White communist propaganda on its giant screens. Outside the kosher mind control center we saw the content of their character, the reason segregation existed in the past and the reason deportation needs to happen in the future.

A massive Christmas night fight outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater at the River City Marketplace on the Northside ended with five young people arrested after dozens of patrol cars had to be called to a scene, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The same predictable negro pathology, the same feckless response. Whites get the bill.

The two oldest men arrested were granted circumstantial rel…

Black Christmas: Negro Santa Shot

Every day might as well be Christmas for the non-Whites living in formerly White nations. We are the great gift-giver bringing civilization, order and peace to the brown mass, at least to the extent that their inherent genetic limitations allows it. We give them the hand-outs, the set asides, the special treatment. The reward for this generosity is barely concealed hatred born out of jealousy and the endless chorus of "More needs to be done!" It never ends, the goal is White genocide.

Meanwhile we get more negro pathology that's equal parts unbelievable and pathetic.

A man dressed as Santa was struck by a pellet gun while delivering toys in Southeast D.C. on Christmas Eve, police say.

Negro Claus shot in the D.C. all against all.

The man was attending a toy giveaway in 1200 block of Stevens Road SE in the Barry Farm neighborhood shortly before 9:15 a.m. when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. Police and EMS units responded to the scene.

Many Whites have felt simila…

Negro "Person of Interest" In Home Invasion Horror

We can no longer assume that there are "safe" areas in our dying White nations. The eroding rule of law and exploding dark population are insuring that "minority" pathology can happen nearly anywhere. Most Whites are still asleep. We need to wake up, get armed and be vigilant. The survival strategy of cowardice and flight has ended in predictable failure and our back is now up against the wall. White nation or total destruction, these are the options.

Westfield police detectives are finally releasing new information about the deaths of a mother and daughter. Police are searching for a person of interest in what’s now being called a home invasion robbery. On Friday, Marylyn Erb, 52, and her daughter Kelley Erb, 23, were found dead in their home on Oak Park Court.

"Home invasion robbery gone wrong." If you don't have a gun in your house (preferably several) you could be the next forgotten victim.

The Westfield Police Department issued surveillance video i…

Negro Thug Convicted for 28th Time in United Kaliphate

Great Britainistan provides a peak into the near future of the U.S.S.A. The dhimmitude. The vanishing White population. The negro crime. A justice system more concerned with punishing White victims for defending themselves than the dark criminals preying on them. If Amerika doesn't collapse, this is what we'll become.

One of Britain’s most wanted men, who taunted police by posing on Facebook in a silver wig and Dame Edna Everage-style sunglasses, has been jailed for 15 months following a nationwide manhunt.

Down-low negro terrorizes United Kaliphate.
Michael Easy, 28, was finally captured and brought to justice after he viciously attacked a teenager at a party in Southampton.
Good job finally catching the criminal negro, for once. Now it can be given a slap on the paw.
While on the run, the fugitive managed to mock officers by updating his Facebook page with photographs of him pressing his finger to his lips while wearing a platinum wig and pink Dame Edna Everage-style glasses.

Sports Zombies Threaten NFL Negroes

Stay drunk or high. Watch jewish porn and kosher sports. Chase some meaningless promotion. Never, ever, say or think anything that would endanger the above, especially hate facts. This is the life of your average White in the U.S.S.A., drugged and asleep, floating in a sea of perversion, debasement and negro worship. This is why most Whites won't even resist as they are driven to society's margins and destroyed, assuming they're not actively cheering this genocidal process. Instead the focus is on kosher sports, where debased Whites and negro garbage are angry at their coal black "fantasy football" team.

But it’s not just their play on the field that makes fans fly over the edge — overwhelmingly, the nastiest comments come from how that play affects fans’ fantasy football leagues.

These are the same Whites that voted for their own destruction and now passively watch as we face a new insult every day from our criminal government, as the kosher counterfeiting machin…

More Special Treatment Needed, Claims Kosher Victim Group

There's always more to be done when it comes to "minorities." It's probably not inaccurate to say that as long as a single White person is still alive and free there's more to be done, specifically destroying that White person.

For the last sixty-plus years we've poured money, time, preferences and blood into trying to uplift the "African American." What do we have to show for those efforts? Detroit. Still, we are told, the negro will shape up and start acting human if we bend over just one more time. Careerist Whites, eager to keep the sports, booze, pills and porn flowing, go along with it. Slowly the nation dies.

An NAACP report on the energy industry shows that protecting the environment and fueling the nation don't always provide opportunities for people of color, or the businesses they own.

As a person of no color I'm deeply saddened to hear this. Obviously more anti-White policies are needed.

No one is ever concerned that something isn…

Sodomite Freaks Promote Communism

The U.S.S.A. has advanced stage spiritual cancer. Every mental defective weirdo is emboldened to openly flaunt their sickness, while normal White Americans bite their tongues and hide in a cocoon of materialism, careerism, chemicals and jew-controlled sports and pornography. Meanwhile sodomites are recruited by the Kenyan queer and his wire-pullers to promote the marxist agenda in a dying nation.

A group of drag queens in Louisiana has decided to use their cross-dressing talents to help promote Obamacare.

Insanity is the new "talent." Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A.

Wednesday Night Tea — “a unique, interactive drag queen show held every Wednesday at Central Station in Shreveport, Louisiana” — has partnered up with the non-profit Out2Enroll to help market Obamacare to the LGBT community.  

Yes, your tax dollars will now found G.R.I.D.S. treatment, genital mutilation and failed attempts to repair rectums that have been damaged by inserting household items into them. Keep sleeping nor…

The Funeral of the West

Another negro fraud has been buried, complete with a massive, thoroughly embarrassing funeral/canonization ceremony from the cultural marxists. This entire event has been very instructive in showing the massive contempt the ruling criminals have for the average person. It started with the lies. We were told we had another Michael King on our hands. It was time for Whites to show proper reverence, guilt, and desire for own displacement. It's the right thing to do.

Then the farce began.

Our leaders, the meat puppets and useful idiots selected by the kosher powers that be, promptly behaved in a fashion that would have made a second grade teacher say "I'm very, very, disappointed with how you behaved on that field trip." No recess for a month, Obama.

How you acted reflects badly on your elementary school.
Yes, these pieces of walking dog shit were in full-on clown mode for what was supposed to be a reverential disposal of a dead communist. The leader of the so-called Fre…

Good News Monday: Negro Steals Wire, Gets Electrocuted

As our nation undergoes the decomposition process following death we can expect to see the slow and steady collapse of the infrastructure, from a combination of ineptitude, "we ain't gots no chedda" and open criminality. We're entering an era of human locusts picking at the collapsing ruins, taking anything of value. The White response to this has been as feckless as our response to every other form of non-White pathology, but sometimes there's a happy ending.

Devon Williams lost his life trying to thieve some copper wire.

Another noble and precious "African American" ended by racist electricity.

Paramedics were called to Greer Tire at 6550 N. 40th St. after an employee noticed a man hanging over the roof of the building.

The negro was just "chilling" and "hanging" after his failed "Obama-ing."

“He was leaning over the cap at the time with the wire cutters in his hands and had been electrocuted,” Greer said.

Genetic alien commi…

Negro Criminal Ended By Train

The good news about negro pathology is the same low I.Q. and lack of future orientation that causes their deviant behavior also insures that this criminality generally ends in failure. The negro monster might post its crime spree on social media or openly taunt the victims, or get picked up for some other, unrelated criminal act. Unfortunately the eroding rule of law from the "races" justice system means appallingly light sentences in many cases. Of course, sometimes the "African American" never makes it to trial.

Lopez Christian Webster, 32, of Des Moines allegedly stabbed a man who lives just two blocks away from the East Grand Ave railroad crossing.

 Yes, this is actually a unique photo and not a composite of every negro criminal.
Des Moines police say Webster then took off down the train tracks, making it to the crossing before he tried to jump between two moving train cars. Webster fell during the attempt and was killed by a north-bound train.
Where society faile…

Cultural Marxism Debunked, Volume Twenty Million

Most of what we hear from our criminal government, kosher dinosaur media and marxist educational system are lies. These lies are easily challenged, but thanks to materialism and careerism the average White has little interest in being the man who spoke the truth and then had his future destroyed for the crime of Wrong Think. So the enemy gets away with it, except here on the internet. Here the lies are being challenged. This is truly the last "free speech zone" which is why we can expect increasing regulation and censorship, probably under the guise of "saving the children."

Meanwhile, reality keeps seeping through.

A child's genes have a far greater impact on exam results than the quality of their school or the efforts of their parents, researchers claim.

We're not equal. Genetic determinism is real.

Analysis of 11,000 teenagers’ GCSE results suggests that DNA is twice as significant as environmental factors such as school choice in determining educational s…

Negro Monster Attacks and Sodomizes Mentally Ill Victims

The American negro commits at least seven times the violent crime that Whites commit, according to DoJ statistics. Even this figure is probably wildly inaccurate, as suddenly "Jose Valdez" and mulatto abominations become "White" for the purposes of reporting their deviance. Whatever the true number actually is, there's no debate that the negro is an order of magnitude more violent than any other race, even la-teen-ohs. What is the response to this undeniable fact? Excuses, blame Whitey. The justice system must be "races" says the mulatto puppet. The horrible crimes just keep piling up as most Whites continue to sleep. We must wake up.

A 19-year-old man has been accused of attacking two mentally disabled brothers and raping one of them Wednesday at the DART Lake Highlands station, according to police documents.

This is a typical negro crime. "Robbery gone wrong" aimed at the most helpless available victims, followed by sodomy. This is why avoi…

Crime Think Arrest in United Kaliphate

Free speech is ungood. It allows Whites to mention annoying truths that run counter to whatever "narrative" is being presented by the nation wreckers. The answer, obviously, are more "hate speech" and "hate thought" laws. In the U.S.S.A. this sort of thinking is still a hard sell, thanks to that racist constitution penned by slave-owning White devils. Great Britainistan, the nation that heroically continued World War 2 after a 1940 peace offer from Germany and now wisely brings in wonderful diversity, has no such protections. Even telling a joke could earn you a trip to the minilove.

A sandwich shop owner endured eight hours of questioning by police and had his computer seized for three weeks – after making tasteless Nelson Mandela jokes on the internet.

Don't forget illegal search and seizure, another marxist policy making inroads back in the U.S.S.A.

Neil Phillips, who runs Crumbs in Rugeley, Staffordshire, says he was also finger-printed and DNA-swab…

"Hateful Spray Paint" Revealed As Another Hoax

Never in recorded history has an entire race of people gone toward their own destruction with as much compliance as Whites. As long as the talmudvision keeps spewing out sports, as long as there's beer in the fridge and pills in the bathroom, as long as there's jewish porn on the computer everything is fine, according to your average White. Asleep in this fog of spiritual sickness, they slouch toward oblivion. Worse, many Whites are actually cheering the coming genocide, brainwashed by the Communist Indoctrination Center or the JUDEO-christian false church. Sleeping or cheering. We're certainly not fighting back.

This pathetic acceptance of our dispossession and death makes it hard for the nation wreckers to point a finger and say "White man bad!" so we get phony "narratives" and tall tales full of lies.

Investigators say the mother of a Lunenburg teen whose home had racist graffiti sprayed on it last month is a "strong suspect" in the case.


Terrorist Negro Communist Dies, Is Canonized By Marxists

Cultural Marxism is a religious faith. It requires blind faith in doctrines that have no basis in the real world. It celebrates sodomy, abortion and spiritual sickness as sacraments. It punishes heretics. And, of course, it has its saints, icons built on lies. In the U.S.S.A. a perverted, plagiarist communist negro is presented for worship by the nation wreckers, along with various lesser lights. We are now in the process of adding a new negro monster to this pantheon, as a criminal communist heaved its last pitiful gasps in South Africa, a nation completely destroyed by the dark plague he helped to unleash.

Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. He had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by …

Race Erased In Milwaukee Knockout Attack

I guess we should be grateful that the negro animal turned on the jew that unleashed it. Otherwise the dinosaur media would have been perfectly content to keep ignoring the constant "random" attacks committed by negroes against White victims. Now these stories are at least receiving some attention, with the obvious racial element redacted, of course. Expecting a kosher news outlet to actually give the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that truth is to the believers of pretty lies, is asking way to much. That's why you're reading this blog.

What some call “the knockout game” — a disturbing trend of random violence — may have claimed another victim in Milwaukee, and that victim calls what he has gone through this week “a nightmare” — saying he could easily have been killed.

Another negro nightmare. Another White victim "randomly" selected for a racially motivated attack.

53-year-old Tim Bessette was leaving the bus stop near Sherman and Burleigh on Monday even…

Another Fake "Hate Crime" at a Communist Indoctrination Center

Race doesn't exist. Whites are evil. Your typical White man is involved in "lynchings," uses racial slurs regularly and defaces property to express his ignorant hostility toward the inevitable arc of history toward justice. This is the official line of the Communist Indoctrination Center, or "college." The only problem is it doesn't square with reality, where Whites are the good losers that finance and cheer their own destruction. The solution, obviously, is to create "narratives" from whole cloth that will then serve as "teachable moments." After all, White man bad. We all know the average White is making incorrectly drawn swastikas on the doors of may-hee-can sodomites, we just need a few almost real incidents to "raise awareness."

Described as a “liberal college” by the right wing news media, Vassar College in New York has recently made headlines with alleged hate crimes occurring on campus.

This sure sounds familiar. That fa…

Detroit Bankruptcy Moves Forward

By the year 2042 Whites in America will be a minority. Even that estimate is probably optimistic, considering the undeclared one-sided race war, the may-hee-can invasion, the cult of materialism, the sodomite agenda and feminism (for Whites only) and the general frontal assault on normal White America. America will not survive this process. We can already see the inevitable dark future in Detroit Rot City which has been brought to its knees by negro pathology, magical negro leaders and genetic determinism. Now the bankruptcy appears to be inevitable, with "how can we get Whitey to pay" the only remaining consideration.

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Detroit, Michigan is indeed eligible for bankruptcy protection, giving the go-ahead to the once booming Motor City to move forward with plans to restructure more than $18 billion in debt.

African School economics.

Detroit — once the automobile manufacturing capital of the world and an icon of Americana — has fallen heavily int…

Rally Against Negro Pathology Fails

We've spent the last sixty or so years trying to somehow alchemize the negro into something that's at least somewhat compatible with a civilized White nation. This process has failed spectacularly, as genetic determinism laughs in the face of wasted money, do-gooder speeches and general attempts to wish away reality. Today's "African American" now enjoys every possible advantage and demonstrates their gratitude with the worst behavior imaginable.

And still they come. While negro "leaders" bleated against the "Knockout Game" yet another attack was taking place almost in the same exact location. 85 I.Q. Poor impulse control. Lack of future orientation. You're not going to talk those things away.

A 76-year-old Brooklyn woman was punched in the back of the head by a stranger in what residents fear could be the city's tenth "knockout game" attack.

Well, the tenth one that was actually reported. We can only speculate how much simian …