Cultural Marxism Debunked, Volume Twenty Million

Most of what we hear from our criminal government, kosher dinosaur media and marxist educational system are lies. These lies are easily challenged, but thanks to materialism and careerism the average White has little interest in being the man who spoke the truth and then had his future destroyed for the crime of Wrong Think. So the enemy gets away with it, except here on the internet. Here the lies are being challenged. This is truly the last "free speech zone" which is why we can expect increasing regulation and censorship, probably under the guise of "saving the children."

Meanwhile, reality keeps seeping through.

A child's genes have a far greater impact on exam results than the quality of their school or the efforts of their parents, researchers claim.

We're not equal. Genetic determinism is real.

Analysis of 11,000 teenagers’ GCSE results suggests that DNA is twice as significant as environmental factors such as school choice in determining educational success.

Does this mean that "poverty" isn't causing the negro malfunction? In a word, yes.

The study, published by researchers at King’s College London, will go some way towards swaying the course of the great nature vs nurture debate.

A "great debate" that's totally one-sided. All the facts point to one side, all the cultural marxist lies defend the other. Might as well call it the great "Sun at the center of the Solar System" debate for the modern age. The scientists vs. the inquisitors, the people that live in reality vs. the nation wreckers, the communists and the fools.

Genetics appear to have a bigger influence on results for science subjects than for humanities such as media studies, art or music – 58 per cent compared with 42 per cent.

Translation: the genetic role is more obvious in fields where there is a definitive right and wrong that can be measured. The more noise and human error we introduce by looking at soft sciences and arts, the more the connection weakens but even then it is still obvious.

What this means is little Barkevious is not going to become a famous oceanographer, doctor or rapper with his 85 I.Q., poor impulse control and lack of future orientation. 

However, he warned against assuming that educational achievements are ‘genetically predetermined’.

"I'd like to keep my job, so please ignore the obvious Thought Crime implications of this study.

He said a personalised education that took account of children’s differences would be better than a ‘one size fits all’ system which ignores genetics.

Teaching JewJuan how to do differentiation equations via rap songs should solve the problem. I don't think you could come up with a more incorrect conclusion from the provided data.

The paper, published in the journal PLOS One, said the findings may come as ‘an uncomfortable realisation’ to those in education.

Uncomfortable to committed marxists. I'm looking forward to future studies like "skull shape closely linked to I.Q." if only to see these bastards squirm and try to wish away the "hate" facts.

Many teachers and politicians fear that a genetic approach to education may lead to less intelligent children being written off.

Or a public policy where we realize 85 I.Q. genetic aliens have no place in our countries and certainly aren't going to be redeemed by endless spending and do-gooder programs.

But Professor Robert Plomin, who co-wrote the paper, said: ‘It means that educational systems which are sensitive to children’s individual abilities and needs, which are derived in part from their genetic predispositions, might improve educational achievement.’

I think you're being willfully obtuse, Professor.

Mr Shakeshaft said: ‘Once we understand more about how the genetic influences work, or once we can identify potential problems early on, we’ll be better able to target specific interventions to help those individuals who might otherwise struggle.’

Once we realize genetics is destiny we can go back to sticking our head in the sand, according to this guy.

‘Rather it is managed by an intricate process that relies on genetic factors and environmental influences. The nature-nurture debate is not over yet,’ he added.

Heresy! Burn them! The Holy Kenyan Mulatto says...

Mr Johnson was accused of ‘elitism’ last month when he said some people would always find it easier to get ahead than others.

2013 in a White nation: where noticing reality leads to "accusations."

‘Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests, it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16 per cent of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2 per cent have an IQ above 130,’ he said.

By that you must mean Whites and Asians. If you're talking about negroes it's a 50/50 split around that 85 mark.

He suggested that competition was good because it meant that those with natural ability would be pushed to work harder.

Please stay asleep in a careerism coma, Whitey.

Full Story.

Another lie destroyed, but no one seems to have learned anything. Cries of "witch!" still carry more weight than scientific studies, the fairy tales on the talmudvision are still mistaken for truth by far too many Whites. We need to keep hammering the marxist and telling the truth. They're criminal liars. We are the good guys and we're going to win.


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