Detroit Bankruptcy Moves Forward

By the year 2042 Whites in America will be a minority. Even that estimate is probably optimistic, considering the undeclared one-sided race war, the may-hee-can invasion, the cult of materialism, the sodomite agenda and feminism (for Whites only) and the general frontal assault on normal White America. America will not survive this process. We can already see the inevitable dark future in Detroit Rot City which has been brought to its knees by negro pathology, magical negro leaders and genetic determinism. Now the bankruptcy appears to be inevitable, with "how can we get Whitey to pay" the only remaining consideration.

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Detroit, Michigan is indeed eligible for bankruptcy protection, giving the go-ahead to the once booming Motor City to move forward with plans to restructure more than $18 billion in debt.

African School economics.

Detroit — once the automobile manufacturing capital of the world and an icon of Americana — has fallen heavily into debt during the last  few decades, so much so that Governor Rick Snyder hired bankruptcy expert Kevin Orr to man the helm of the city in March and assume the role of emergency manager. Four months later, though, Orr’s attempt to salvage the city proved to be futile, and Detroit filed for Chapter 9 protection this past July.

The magic negro that failed.

Additionally, Rhodes had to find that city officials either negotiated with creditors in “good faith” or that those negotiations were impractical.

Moments later, according the Free Press’ Brent Snavely, Rhodes ruled that the court “finds that this case was filed in good faith and should not be dismissed,” allowing the city to begin restructuring plans immediately.

“The city of Detroit was once a hard-working diverse, vital city,” but mounting crime rates, “spreading blight and a deteriorating quality of life” has ravaged it in recent years.

Please do not notice the obvious racial component of this collapse.

"The city needs help,”

Time to open up that wallet, Whitey.

Full Story.

A city destroyed by genetic aliens, a nation teetering on collapse. White Nationalism is the only answer.


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