Good News Monday: Negro Steals Wire, Gets Electrocuted

As our nation undergoes the decomposition process following death we can expect to see the slow and steady collapse of the infrastructure, from a combination of ineptitude, "we ain't gots no chedda" and open criminality. We're entering an era of human locusts picking at the collapsing ruins, taking anything of value. The White response to this has been as feckless as our response to every other form of non-White pathology, but sometimes there's a happy ending.

Devon Williams lost his life trying to thieve some copper wire.

Another noble and precious "African American" ended by racist electricity.

Paramedics were called to Greer Tire at 6550 N. 40th St. after an employee noticed a man hanging over the roof of the building.

The negro was just "chilling" and "hanging" after his failed "Obama-ing."

“He was leaning over the cap at the time with the wire cutters in his hands and had been electrocuted,” Greer said.

Genetic alien committed theft, died.

Fire Department officials believed the man may have been attempting to cut the business security system wire and was electrocuted in the process. Authorities suspect the victim may have been on the roof to steal copper wiring.

It's like an 85 I.Q. version of one of those kosher "let's glamorize criminals" movies, except with a much better ending.

We Energies employees investigated the scene and believe that Williams leaned over to cut a third wire when his chest made contact with the aluminum siding on the building, causing live current to flow through his body.

Don't worry, there's plenty of identical looking and behaving animals to replace this worthless creature.

We Energies employees told investigators that numerous copper wire thefts had been reported in that vicinity.

The content of their character. Scavengers on the corpse of the U.S.S.A.

Investigators believe that Williams may have had an accomplice with a ladder, but that individual likely left the scene following the electrocution.

"Aw hell naw, dat nigga be fryin' like de Church's Chicken. I be gettin' out of hee-ah!"

We Energies said it has increased security around its substations, and is working with Milwaukee and other cities to guard against cases of copper theft in vacant homes and businesses.

Best of luck with your long, doomed campaign against societal collapse.

An age 38 "teen" is gone. Who knows what crimes will now go uncommitted. This is a tragedy. Wires are "races."


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