More Special Treatment Needed, Claims Kosher Victim Group

There's always more to be done when it comes to "minorities." It's probably not inaccurate to say that as long as a single White person is still alive and free there's more to be done, specifically destroying that White person.

For the last sixty-plus years we've poured money, time, preferences and blood into trying to uplift the "African American." What do we have to show for those efforts? Detroit. Still, we are told, the negro will shape up and start acting human if we bend over just one more time. Careerist Whites, eager to keep the sports, booze, pills and porn flowing, go along with it. Slowly the nation dies.

An NAACP report on the energy industry shows that protecting the environment and fueling the nation don't always provide opportunities for people of color, or the businesses they own.

As a person of no color I'm deeply saddened to hear this. Obviously more anti-White policies are needed.

No one is ever concerned that something isn't providing opportunities for Whites. The push for "equality" is just a push for White destruction, using the most dishonest language possible to cloak the true motives of the nation-wreckers.

"A crucial component of sustainability in the energy sector is equity. Therefore we must also ensure that workers and entrepreneurs of color are empowered in the transition and growth of the evolving energy market," the report reads, touting the importance of hiring local and having provisions to ensure that requirements are met.

We need more brown faces. This is good. I'm not going to explain why. Whites must be destroyed.

Although quite a few states met some of the organization's standards, according to the report, all states need to do more to include people of color and minority-owned businesses: Zero states were found to have Minority Business Enterprise provisions specific to the industry, the report finds.

Again, they won't be happy until White genocide is complete.

Pay no attention to the jew behind the curtain.

Encouraging community and economic development models for every stage of the energy process will empower local communities to take ownership of their energy demands and end the history of retroactive engagement in America’s energy choices," the report says.

There's so much more to be done.

A jewish communist organization for "colored people" isn't happy that there are still some Whites that haven't been driven to society's margins or killed. Our ruling criminals will take this very seriously. Meanwhile, what used to be the world's only super power is dying a drawn out, pathetic death. A White nation must replace it.


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