Negro Criminal Ended By Train

The good news about negro pathology is the same low I.Q. and lack of future orientation that causes their deviant behavior also insures that this criminality generally ends in failure. The negro monster might post its crime spree on social media or openly taunt the victims, or get picked up for some other, unrelated criminal act. Unfortunately the eroding rule of law from the "races" justice system means appallingly light sentences in many cases. Of course, sometimes the "African American" never makes it to trial.

Lopez Christian Webster, 32, of Des Moines allegedly stabbed a man who lives just two blocks away from the East Grand Ave railroad crossing.

 Yes, this is actually a unique photo and not a composite of every negro criminal.

Des Moines police say Webster then took off down the train tracks, making it to the crossing before he tried to jump between two moving train cars. Webster fell during the attempt and was killed by a north-bound train.

Where society failed the train succeeded. A negro tried to use that same "super athleticism" that gets it "scholarships" and White worship to somehow jump between the cars of a moving train. A 70 I.Q. and a complete inability to connect current actions with future outcomes doesn't even seem adequate in explaining this amazing negro idiocy. 

Police say Webster ran from a home on East Walnut Ave after stabbing Timothy Kingery with a small knife.

"Stabbing gone wrong."

"As soon as it gets faster, this guy suddenly jumped between two cars there," Nery said. Webster jumped between two cars, either trying to hold on to the train or jump through them to the other side.

I'm sure those amazing "Air Jordan" sneakers that were purchased with a welfare check will allow the successful completion of this insane stunt.

"Whatever he was trying to do, he wasn't successful in doing that," said Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines P.D. "He slipped, or didn't make the jump, or didn't clear the jump and landed on the tracks where the train ran him over."

Or not.

"He's actually cut in half by the train," Halifax added. "Physically cut in half by the train."

We can now expect a lawsuit against the "races train" that ended the rich and full life of this future chemical engineer, test pilot, oceanographer and/or rapper.

The 18-year-old said he felt more confused by Webster's decision than anything else. "I mean why would you run right in between two cars of the train?" Nery asked.

"It's almost like there's very real genetic differences between the races, but that's evil and therefore untrue."

Webster had a past with police including arrests for narcotics and theft. The incident is still under investigation.

We can only wonder what crimes this animal would have gone on to commit, what taxes it would have sucked. Such a tragedy.

Full Story.

I feel a song coming on...

Way deep in the U.S.S.A. where we play the diversity game
There's a negro home invader and an oncoming train
So if you want to be literally cut in half get on the train

We gonna commit crimes, oh Lord, just jump through it
So get the negro lottery going with your next of kin
No Future Orientation, Choo Choo, Low I.Q. Choo Choo
And home invasion victim stop faking and come die with me

Come on ride the train, it's the negro bisector train
Come on ride the train, it's the negro bisector train
Die on it, woo woo
Come on ride the train, it's the negro bisector train

If you feel like jumping
Well come on, it's up to you
We got the tons of steel to keep you falling down
The train is slicing through  


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