Negro Monster Attacks and Sodomizes Mentally Ill Victims

The American negro commits at least seven times the violent crime that Whites commit, according to DoJ statistics. Even this figure is probably wildly inaccurate, as suddenly "Jose Valdez" and mulatto abominations become "White" for the purposes of reporting their deviance. Whatever the true number actually is, there's no debate that the negro is an order of magnitude more violent than any other race, even la-teen-ohs. What is the response to this undeniable fact? Excuses, blame Whitey. The justice system must be "races" says the mulatto puppet. The horrible crimes just keep piling up as most Whites continue to sleep. We must wake up.

A 19-year-old man has been accused of attacking two mentally disabled brothers and raping one of them Wednesday at the DART Lake Highlands station, according to police documents.

This is a typical negro crime. "Robbery gone wrong" aimed at the most helpless available victims, followed by sodomy. This is why avoiding the negro and being armed is the only sensible course of action until we regain some semblance of sanity from our government.

DART police say Kristopher Erin Miles attacked the two minutes after snatching another man’s cellphone on a train.

Why is this animal allowed to run wild?

The face of the genetic enemy.

Surveillance video captured Miles sprinting out of a train and the Lake Highlands station at 5:24 a.m. Wednesday, police said.
Look at that boy run! Get him a "scholarship" at a college so he can play a child's game and be worshiped by Whites!

Police said Miles later walked over to the brothers after watching them briefly. Video shows him burning one of the brother’s faces with a lit cigarette, police said.

The content of their character. 

Miles then grabbed the other brother, demanded money and struck him in the head. Miles got $6, according to the documents. He then took both men to a bus shelter out of the cameras’ view, police said.

Six dollars buys a day of negro horror. 

The brothers told police that Miles sexually assaulted one of them after ordering the other to turn around and not look. The brothers also told police that Miles threatened to take them to southeast Oak Cliff to kill them.

Our equal.

Miles has been charged with injury to a disabled person, theft from a person and aggravated robbery. He has not been charged with sexual assault.

Fortunately the "races" justice system has decided these appalling crimes will be punished with a slap on the paw. A short trip to the "crib" on Whitey's dime, then this "good boy, turning his life around" will be released to destroy more lives. 

Miles had been released from the jail about a month ago after serving time on a misdemeanor assault charge, court records show.

Expect this "catch and release" to be a reoccurring theme in the life of this simian, until it murders a White victim. Maybe not even after that.

We can't punish a soulless negro criminal because it's "races." This creature will continue to prey on the weak and vulnerable. We'll just ignore the sodomite rape charges. Another day in a dying country.


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