Negro "Person of Interest" In Home Invasion Horror

We can no longer assume that there are "safe" areas in our dying White nations. The eroding rule of law and exploding dark population are insuring that "minority" pathology can happen nearly anywhere. Most Whites are still asleep. We need to wake up, get armed and be vigilant. The survival strategy of cowardice and flight has ended in predictable failure and our back is now up against the wall. White nation or total destruction, these are the options.

Westfield police detectives are finally releasing new information about the deaths of a mother and daughter. Police are searching for a person of interest in what’s now being called a home invasion robbery. On Friday, Marylyn Erb, 52, and her daughter Kelley Erb, 23, were found dead in their home on Oak Park Court.

"Home invasion robbery gone wrong." If you don't have a gun in your house (preferably several) you could be the next forgotten victim.

The Westfield Police Department issued surveillance video images that, they say, show a man who may know something about what happened. Police say the man shown in them may know something about what happened.

This animal "may know" why Whites were murdered.

“The photos that we recovered through our investigatory process were recovered out of businesses on the northeast side of Indianapolis in the Lawrence area,” said Capt. Charles Hollowell, Westfield Police Department.

We get the usual "high quality" footage of the tan everyman.

“The injuries they sustained was from blunt force trauma,” said Capt. Hollowell. “Blunt force trauma is not going to be a shooting.”

Excellent deduction from a 90 I.Q. public servant. Whites beaten to death by a negro monster in their own home. Inept police helpless. Worthless footage of an obese "African American." The endless night begins to fall.

Police offered up these tips to protect yourself:

Make sure your garage door is down.
Lock your doors and windows.
Report anything that looks suspicious or even just out of the ordinary.

Any list that doesn't include "be armed" and "negroes commit at least seven times the violent crime as Whites," is worthless.

Full Story.

Be back on the 26th, stay safe out there.


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