New Year To Begin With Celebration of Spiritual Sickness

2013 was the year of the apology, the year of the groveling, the year of White cowardice. Even as Western Civilization begins its death rattle the vast majority of Whites remain in a coma induced by a cocktail of materialism, careerism, White guilt, chemicals and jewish "entertainment." Our rights continue to erode, our enemy senses the end is near and becomes more and more desperate to push their twisted visions on us. So it will be in 2014, starting with sodomite sickness front and center.

Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair joke that they're getting married New Year's Day in front of 80 million of their closest friends, and the men say they aren't that concerned that a few thousand others may boycott the first gay marriage at the 125-year-old Rose Parade.

Let's watch two mentally diseased sodomites mock normality to start the new year. Grandpa, you might want to skip the Rose Bowl this year. Go in the basement and look at your World War 2 medals, think about how you defeated evil and what a hero you were.

The pair, together for 12 years, plan to tie the knot atop a giant wedding cake on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float when it stops at the Rose Parade's reviewing stand on Wednesday.

Celebrating G.R.I.D.S. with this disgusting display. I guess the "Gay Bowel Syndrome" float will have to wait until next year. Disease and damaged rectal tissues. This is still the greatest nation.

It's probably safe to assume that among those not watching will be Karen Grube of San Diego, who launched a "Boycott The 2014 Rose Parade" Facebook page after learning of the couple's intentions. As of Monday, it had about 4,000 likes.

The pathetic resistance.

Broke-back nation.

"Why would the Tournament of Roses promote something illegal like that? Pot smoking is legal in some states too, and some even claim it has medical benefits. What's next for the Rose Parade? A float touting the benefits of smoking pot?" said a statement on the "Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade" page.

Don't call it a sin, a mental disorder or a sign of a nation that has gone mad. Instead use lame arguments about legality instead, as if that means anything in a nation where stabbing babies in the head with scissors is protected by the law. 

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, quickly joined the conversation, issuing a statement saying children watching Wednesday's parade "will be exposed to the spectacle of men 'marrying' men with the attendant public hugging and kissing."

"Kids, go down to the basement and ask Grandpa to tell you stories about starving German prisoners after the war. Right now! Go!" 

"We urge Americans to demand that their political leaders change the legal channel to make sure true marriage is protected and preserved," he said.

"Please criminal government, listen to us!" Good luck.

But they said Monday that they had no idea it would be in front of the Rose Parade reviewing stand where the Rev. Alfreda Lanoix of the Unity Fellowship Church of Christ is to perform the ceremony.

Of course a false JUDEO-christian church is involved. 

The couple and the pastor will be perched on a giant wedding-cake-shaped platform.

Americans will smile meekly and pretend not to horrified as they are fed this shit sandwich. 

Get ready for the year of sodomite special rights, negro riots, negro appeasement, may-hee-can invasion, kosher distractions and the continued downward trajectory. The new year, same as the old year.


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