Race Erased In Milwaukee Knockout Attack

I guess we should be grateful that the negro animal turned on the jew that unleashed it. Otherwise the dinosaur media would have been perfectly content to keep ignoring the constant "random" attacks committed by negroes against White victims. Now these stories are at least receiving some attention, with the obvious racial element redacted, of course. Expecting a kosher news outlet to actually give the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that truth is to the believers of pretty lies, is asking way to much. That's why you're reading this blog.

What some call “the knockout game” — a disturbing trend of random violence — may have claimed another victim in Milwaukee, and that victim calls what he has gone through this week “a nightmare” — saying he could easily have been killed.

Another negro nightmare. Another White victim "randomly" selected for a racially motivated attack.

53-year-old Tim Bessette was leaving the bus stop near Sherman and Burleigh on Monday evening, December 2nd.

If you're White you can't afford to make mistakes like taking public transportation or walking around negro town by yourself. We need to be armed, alert and ready to act. We need to avoid contact with the negro as much as possible. Don't become the next forgotten victim.

Bessette says he noticed four teens following him from the bus stop, and said he tried to cross the street.

Those crazy "teens" and their wacky little "games" are at it again. No race given by the dinosaur media, as per the usual policy.

When you have four "teens" following you that's the time to deploy your concealed carry.

He is now convinced that he is the most recent victim of a violent “game” documented in YouTube videos. Those who take part in this “game” often record the “knockout” and post it online.

Is there really any doubt?

Forgotten victim of negro pathology.

“As these young fellows took off, I can remember hearing them laughing and giggling amongst themselves. You could kill somebody,” Bessette said.

Even the victim is afraid to name the racial component. Yeah, those "young fellows" having a good laugh. The negro anti-soul, the content of their character.

“I’ve gone through a nightmare in the past several days. My left eye — this is the first day I can see out of it. It was so swelled up I couldn’t see,” Bessette said.

The human cost of "diversity." Our reward for decades of negro appeasement. 

Milwaukee police say there are no suspects in custody, and the motive for this attack remains under investigation.

No arrests were made, of course. Motive: he was White.

The so-called “Point-‘em-out-Knock-‘em-out game” incidents are not a game, but are in fact crimes that can be categorized as battery and/or robbery.

Yeah. No shit. Now let's address the racial aspect of something that's also called "Polar Bear Hunting."

Our criminal government wants Whites marginalized and then destroyed. They are using non-Whites as a biological weapon to further this goal. We need to protect ourselves. We need to be armed and ready.


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