Sports Zombies Threaten NFL Negroes

Stay drunk or high. Watch jewish porn and kosher sports. Chase some meaningless promotion. Never, ever, say or think anything that would endanger the above, especially hate facts. This is the life of your average White in the U.S.S.A., drugged and asleep, floating in a sea of perversion, debasement and negro worship. This is why most Whites won't even resist as they are driven to society's margins and destroyed, assuming they're not actively cheering this genocidal process. Instead the focus is on kosher sports, where debased Whites and negro garbage are angry at their coal black "fantasy football" team.

But it’s not just their play on the field that makes fans fly over the edge — overwhelmingly, the nastiest comments come from how that play affects fans’ fantasy football leagues.

These are the same Whites that voted for their own destruction and now passively watch as we face a new insult every day from our criminal government, as the kosher counterfeiting machine cranks out worthless money, as cities descend into negro and may-hee-can all vs. all. None of that matters to the sleeping White. But they're angry that some negro didn't score the big "tug."

Jacobs exposed the fan for terrible remarks that included, “ON LIFE BRANDON IF YOU DON’T RUSH FOR 50 YARDS AND TWO TOUCHDOWNS TONIGHT ITS OVER FOR YOU AND YO FAMILY N—–.”

We also get the usual negro pathology, of course.


I.R.S. being used as a Stalinist weapon against dissent? Who cares. Negro failing to get "50 yards?" That's what matters.

Pathetic Whiteskin loves those Redskins.

After being called out by Jacobs, the fan who was targeting him begged forgiveness, saying he was just joking, but Jacobs was not buying.

First the empty bluster over something that's totally meaningless, then the White cowardice that has been epidemic since the 1960s. Whites like these are not going to fare well when the collapse comes.

“Well, they wouldn’t say it in person, that’s the thing,” Lions running back Reggie Bush said. “It’s easy to talk trash behind a computer, so that’s what it comes down to.”

"I understand that these are pitiful, gelded, negro-worshiping Whites in name only, and as such I'm not worried."

“Most of those people that throw stuff out there like that are cowards in so many ways because they’re using a screen as a buffer between them and the real world,” Burleson said, “so it doesn’t bother me too much.

You couldn't be more correct. Whites buffered from reality, hiding in a jewish fantasy world. 

We need to stop living in an anti-White dream land. Turn off the Talmudvision. Get angry about things that actually matter, at the very real crimes of our marxist government and the biological weapons they've unleashed on us.


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