African Rapist Loose In United Kaliphate

We need a lot more foreign immigration, we are told. Once the Third World bipeds enter our countries, we will then miracle them into responsible and civilized approximations of Whites. This plan works about as well as you'd expect, but saying anything against it is "hate" and makes brown people cry and is punishable by imprisonment if you live in the United Kaliphate, El-France or most other White western nations. The result is a slow motion crash, a leisurely occurring disaster of racial, cultural and religious displacement. The invaders bring the same failure that destroyed their home nations and promptly get to work looting and burning.

Police are following up new leads in the hunt for a fugitive wanted over a string of sex attacks on women in Leeds.

What, no independent sharia investigation?

Illegal immigrant Lamin Touray, who is suspected of assaulting at least four women in the city, has evaded capture for more than six weeks.

Another natural conservative, committing the sex attacks the White British won't. I'm surprised the African slime had to sneak in, knowing the amazing generosity of Britainistan toward alien invaders.

Police initially called for help to find Touray, a 35-year-old Gambian national, after a 21-year-old woman was assaulted in Pine Court, off The Calls in Leeds city centre, at about 5am on Sunday, December 8.

I'm sure his fellow savages will do the right thing and turn this monster in. We're all equal, right?

Living fossil raped several White women in a dying nation.

Since then three other women have come forward to report sexual assaults in the city by a man matching Touray’s description.

More hush crimes. Forgotten victims of "diversity."

Mr Morgan added: “We urgently need to trace Touray and speak to him at the earliest opportunity.

Yes, let's sit down for tea and have a nice little chat with this piece of walking shit. 

Touray is described as black, 5ft 7ins tall and of slim build.

Touray is described as resembling depictions of homo erectus from anthropology texts.

White nations must welcome every last piece of brown garbage. We must surrender our nations, our culture and our women to the dark horde. This is the evil we're up against. They're not going to win. When the collapse comes there will be a chance to fix this mess. 


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