Duke University Faculty Too White, More La-Teen-Ohs Desperately Needed

There are too many Whites, declares our enemy. As far as the kosher marxist is concerned even one White person is too many. They'll be happy when we have been completely destroyed. "Diversity," "Multiculturalism" and all the other assorted sicknesses of the modern age exist only to serve the goal of White genocide. We are being targeted for destruction. Never in human history has a nation so completely turned against its former national character in a suicidal pursuit of the mindless tan everyman.

At the communist indoctrination center the wire-pullers are worried about all the pale skin. Fair skin isn't really fair, after all. Clearly special initiatives are needed to reduce the number of honky devils.

Although the Faculty Diversity Initiative has increased the numbers of black faculty and female faculty in the past 10 years, the percentage of Latino faculty remains low.

"Oh no, insufficient levels of mestizo invaders! We need that unwashed brown skin and broken English! It makes us strong!"

"The Faculty Diversity Initiative was launched in 2003 to increase the number of black faculty, the number of women faculty in areas where they are underrepresented and to enhance the climate for all faculty members."

Nothing "enhances the climate" like a policy of White replacement. Once we have nothing but competing groups of brown victims all wailing about the evils of Whitey and Western Civilization when they're not attacking each other we will achieve an earthly paradise.

Although strides have been made towards these goals, there remain areas in which diversity can be improved—including the number of Latino faculty members, administrators said.

"We managed to eliminate many qualified Whites by hiring inept negroes, but we need more border hoppers and we need them badly. Non-Whites make everything better, after all."

This anti-White nonsense is taken seriously.

“It has been understood since 2003 that Latino/Latina faculty is an important category that we pay attention to in addition to black, women and more recently, LGBT groups,”said Academic Council Chair Joshua Socolar, a physics professor. “But the total number [of Latino faculty] right now is not great.”

Foreign aliens, sodomites and cross-dressing mental defectives. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A. Let it all burn.

“[The low percentage of Latinos] is not for lack of awareness of the issue or lack of interest in hiring them to improve our faculty. Attention is being paid, though we have not been very successful,”

"We've been really trying hard to eliminate Whites, but stupid old reality does make it difficult."

How having a la-teen-oh professor leads to an inherent "improvement" in the faculty is certainly a mystery. This is all marxist drivel.

“One thing we see as a way to make our faculty better is to make it more diverse and representative of all the groups, and there have been efforts.”

At the communist indoctrination center the victims are told race doesn't exist, it's a social construct. The same bastards spewing this hate turn around and say things like the above.

Negroes, may-hee-cans and the jew wire-pullers = "diversity."

Inderdeep Chatrath, director of affirmative action and equal opportunity at the Office of Institutional Equity, noted that the low percentage of Latino faculty is tied to the availability of Latino candidates both in the area and across the nation.

Yes, there's an entire Stalinist department that has the sole goal of eliminating Whites. 

We need more unqualified negroes, wise La-teen-ahs and sodomites with damaged rectums instructing our youth at the communist indoctrination center. The anti-White agenda isn't even concealed behind weasel words any more. Fewer Whites. That's what they want. A nation can't survive this madness.


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