Dying White Woman Robbed By Negro Animals

Whites care about justice, about doing what's right in spite of any consequences, about trying to make the world a better place for everyone in it. Along with our creative genius and aesthetic sense this is our most divergent trait when compared to the other races. The jew is the "light of the world" and g*d's best friend, destined to rule over thousands of "gentile" slaves. The may-hee-can is a two-legged locust, looting the U.S.S.A. and spreading filth and disease. Then there's the negro and its predictable all against all mentality. Someone is having a brain aneurysm and needs help? If you're a negro the first thought that flashes through your pea brain is time for yet another "robbery gone wrong."

On Sunday, December 29, 43-year-old Danielle Zimmerman suffered a brain aneurysm after she pulled into the parking lot of Taco Bell in the 3700 block of East Harry. As she lay unconscious in her SUV, her purse, iPhone and wedding ring were stolen. She died at a local hospital the next day.

For some reason this particular Zimmerman story did not become national news. A dying White woman robbed by negro garbage. A dying White nation destroyed.

Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen was booked for robbery, failure to appear and driving while suspended. Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson was booked for robbery, possession of a firearm and probation violation.

These animals should be put down.

Yesterday, a third suspect showed up to turn himself in on a probation violation. Keith Byron Hickels Jr., 19, was then arrested on robbery charges.

Genetic aliens with criminal records a mile long repeatedly released from "over-crowded" prisons. We're forced to live with this walking dog shit and the eroding rule of law insures they'll only become more emboldened in their pathology.

Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen, Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson and Keith Byron Hickels Jr., all 19 years old, made their first appearance this afternoon in Sedgwick County district court.

The raw material for building a healthy democracy.

Soulless eyes full of nothing. Look at these animals. These things aren't human.

All three were charged with one count or robbery, and bond was set at $200,000 for each.

Expect a short trip to the "over-crowded" "crib" followed by an early release and more of the same criminality. 

This is the content of their character, the anti-soul of this failed race full of foreign genetic material. Pretending they were equal to Whites or even compatible with the very modest requirements of White civilization was the folly of our time. We can either remove them or descend into an African all against all where the sick and dying are preyed upon instead of aided.


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