Epitaphs For America

R.I.P. U.S.A...

"Does This Prove We're Not Racist?"

"Those Cheap Tacos Were Totally Worth It"

"Died So That Horrible Rich Bastards Could Become Slightly Richer"

"Now Hosting A Rich Diversity of Maggots"

"Finally Caught Up To Detroit"

"We Held A Candlelight Vigil"

"No Arrests Were Made"

"We Forgive Our Killer"

"Tombstone Made in China"

"Certified Kosher"

"No One Could Have Predicted This"

"We're Still Trying To Find The Real Killer"

 "Wow. Just Wow"

"It's [Insert Current Year] Get Over It"

"Aren't You Glad You Didn't Listen To The Racists?"

"This Nice Monument Is White Privilege"

"No, We Couldn't"


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