Mall Shooter Finally Revealed As Negro, Media and Government No Longer Interested

Whites are bad. Guns are bad. In a society where every kind of mental and spiritual sickness is celebrated these two constants never change. Armed Whites are not going to be easily enslaved or killed and since this is the kosher plan steps must be taken to disarm the cattle. The usual strategy is some highly suspicious incident followed by a media and government reaction that is so rapid and well-organized it can only be the result of advance planning. Yes, our ruling bastards have the "oh the poor dead kids" speeches written and ready to go at a moment's notice. Yes, the media has the "it was probably a White" experts on speed-dial for just such a situation. Never waste a good crisis, says the communist jew.

A lot of times the crisis turns out to be a lot less "good" than the nation-wreckers had hoped. Consider the recent mall shooting in Maryland, where the entire kosher apparatus sprung into action only to suddenly fall silent, pack up and go home. What could have caused this?

It was a negro.

The dumbfounded mother of a teen gunman who allegedly killed himself after fatally shooting two people in a Maryland mall said her son showed no signs of being violent before the horrifying attack.

Another senseless and horrible crime committed by a "gunman." Yeah, maybe we can still wring a small amount of anti-gun sentiment out of this tale of low I.Q., poor impulse control and hatred of Whitey. Or just send it down the memory hole with all the others. 

Aguilar used a 12-guage shotgun to kill Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, as the pair worked inside a Zumiez store on the second floor of the shopping center, Howard County police have said. 

More forgotten White victims.

Another son of Obama.

Police said they were still trying to piece together a possible motive for the shooting. 

Here's a few to try: "rejected by White woman," "generalized hatred of Whitey," or "American spiritual sickness combined with typical negro pathology." On the other hand, who cares. With no Whites to demonize the system has nothing. Let's try to destroy some White who said the "n" word instead.

Officials planned to reopen the mall about 1 p.m. Monday.

You can't mourn forever and there's shekels to be made.

The dinosaur media has about as much integrity and concern for factual reporting as a Soviet newspaper. Everything must fit the anti-White "narrative." Lies on top lies. We need to take back control and save our race.


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