Negro Knockout King Gave White Victim Brain Damage, Gets Released and Continues to Commit Crimes

Stories of "polar bear hunting" are rarely reported and never given national attention unless the victim is more equal. Finding out what actually happens to the negro criminals and White victim afterward is nearly impossible. When I do find out, it becomes obvious why it's almost never reported. Back in August I discussed the story of a knockout king attack that left a White with brain damage and a negro monster from the "ham crazy" gang facing a possible wrist slap. It turns out even that prediction was extremely optimistic. The worthless animal that destroyed a White life was not punished in any way and continues to commit senseless crimes with predictable regularity.

A Minnesota teenager who was acquitted two months ago in the brutal beating of an innocent  passerby was arrested again last month for allegedly getting into a fight with a 16-year-old boy.

The rich tapestry that makes up the life of the American negro. Racially motivated attacks on Whites. Frequent arrests. A judicial system too cowardly to put the garbage in the can.

Issac Maiden, 19, was cleared in early November of first-degree assault, aggravated robbery and two gang-related charges in connection to the August 2013 attack that nearly cost Ray Widstrand his life.

A White man's life completely destroyed by a brown alien. Another forgotten victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war.

At the time, Judge Salvador Rosas urged Maiden to think of what he had done and change his ways. Otherwise, the judge warned Maiden, 'I have no doubt you'll be back.'

Wise words from a wise la-teen-ah. Instead of punishing this piece of shit the meskin tells it to use its 70 I.Q. brain to consider the pro and contra of killing Whitey. Turn your life around and become an aspiring chemical engineer, oceanographer and/or rapper. Reasoning with something that isn't capable of understanding the connection between current actions and future outcomes. Good luck.

Rosas' words turned out to be prophetic as Maiden landed in trouble with the law once again two days after Christmas.

You didn't really need to be Nostradamus for this one.

According to a report from the University of Minnesota Police Department cited by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the 19-year-old was caught brawling with the unnamed 16-year-old at the intersection of 25th Avenue and Delaware Street SE just after 1am on December 27, 2013.

Why is this garbage in a White country?

Not punished for destroying a White man's life, continues to run wild.

Authorities stated that members or associates of local gangs were responsible for Widstrand's brutal beating that left him with a severe brain injury.

Be armed. Be alert. The "races" justice system doesn't care if you're attacked.

Widstrand was taking a walk when he was caught in a fight between two groups of teens who reportedly turned on the passerby, punching him and stomping on his head before leaving him unconscious and bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Oh, those wacky "teens" and their harmless little hijinks. 

Maiden was found not guilty in the incident after jurors heard confusing testimony from witnesses.

A jury with an average I.Q. far below 100 fails to deliver the conviction. "Dis tes-monee be all 'fusin and sheet. He din do nuffin' he a ma-dall sit-i-zen."

Maiden is due back in court next month for a hearing about the disorderly conduct citation from December.

Warm up the revolving door, he's back again.

As the rule of law continues to erode and mystery meat juries that can't even parse testimony become common we're going to see more and more attacks on Whites, less media coverage and more "think about what you did, Barkevious" in lieu of actual punishment. Obviously, this center can not hold, declaring open season on the only people holding our nation's corpse in an upright position will insure the collapse. Be armed and be prepared. The whole rotten structure is coming down.


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