Negro Murders White Host At Africa Ball Party

Professional Sports are a jew-controlled weapon used against Whites. It drains our money, time and passions, insuring a population of slumbering Whites who get very excited about "their team" of identical looking and behaving negroes while remaining completely ignorant of even the basic political realities. Energy that should be channeled toward securing our survival is wasted on worshiping negroes, rooting for red against blue, enriching the jew and sometimes creating situations that prove fatal.

Televised sports create the myth of the "good negro" that is eagerly swallowed by the same sort of Whites who think voting for a mulatto will buy better negro behavior. Then reality steps in.

A Jacksonville man has been charged in the baseball bat beating death of another man over barbecue and how it was being portioned.

No race mentioned. The victim was White, the killer was a negro.

Alvin Kenneth “Chico” Welch Jr., 35, was arrested about 2 a.m. Wednesday

Invite this thing into your house, Whitey. What could go wrong?

Welch is charged in the death of Joshua Andrew Heinz, 31, who was hit with a baseball bat at the end of a night of watching football at his house in the 11000 block of North Sante Fe Street, police said.

Watching Africa ball on the electronic synagogue gone wrong. A man shows hospitality toward a negro and is murdered. Our nations give them hand-outs, preferences, endless excuses for their pathology and more rights than any White. In return they're killing our countries.

Fattened by your hand-outs, provoked to murder by your kindness.

Witnesses told police Welch was cutting meat for a take-home plate when he got into an argument late Saturday with Heinz over how the meat was being sliced, said Assistant Chief Chris Butler.

The content of their character.

The argument escalated and Heinz was hit with the bat and later died from the injuries. Welch fled, Butler said.

Another forgotten victim of the long war against Whites.

He said Welch and Heinz were acquaintances who had seen one another three to five times.

Based on what he saw on the telavivision he believed it was safe to invite an 85 I.Q. alien into his house. He paid for that mistake with his life.

Turn off the electronic toilet. Avoid the negro. Be armed. Stop wasting time on kosher distractions. Our future depends on it.


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