Negro "Pattern Assualts" Hit Denver

In today's U.S.S.A. Whites exist to pay taxes that are used to fund our own destruction and to serve as free range cattle to be preyed upon by brown criminals. That's it. Pay and die. Our government consistently goes against our wishes, our educational system lies about our history, the kosher entertainment portrays us as clowns and devils. Noticing this is evil. The slouch to the grave continues for many Whites.

It's a new year, but it started with more of the same. Negro polar bear hunting. Media silence. Lies on top of lies.

The parents of one Denver man think their son was the victim of a dangerous online trend called the “knockout” game.

Well that can't be because the marxist media has assured us it doesn't exist. It's just "random street assaults." Nothing to see here, go back to sleep. Oh, and pay those taxes and watch that Africa ball on the electronic synagogue.

He suffered five broken bones in his face in a brutal attack in downtown Denver New Year’s Eve.

Another forgotten victim of the undeclared one-sided race war.

Denver Police are investigating the case as a part of what detectives are calling pattern assaults in downtown New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, there's a "pattern" all right. Here's a hint: it's racial.

There were four assaults, all random, in the same area. Denver Police say the victims were knocked out. Robbery was not a motive in any of the assaults.

No mention of the race of the negro criminals, as per orders from big jew.

Attacked for being White.

Nick Lloyd believes he’s lucky that he is still alive, even though he has five fractures in his face. “Broken jaw on both sides, my left ocular socket here is broken, the bone over here by my left temple is broken, and then right here…” he says as he points to the side of his nose.

This is why you need to be armed and aware of your surroundings. Avoid the negro. Don't become the next hush crime victim.

Denver Police are investigating and told the Lloyds they hope surveillance cameras or web postings of video will lead to suspects.

"Based on the high-quality footage we are looking for several brown blobs."

His parents say no one stopped to help Nick, who was driven to the hospital by a friend’s mother.

"The la-a-a-a-and of...the...feeeeeee...and the home...of the...slaveeeee."

No jews were involved so the mainstream media and our criminal government doesn't care. Just another forgotten White victim of the same predictable negro failure. The day of collapse inches closer, with the slow inevitability of an advancing glacier. We need to be ready for that day.


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