The Bank of Justice is Bankrupt

Today a nation currently stretched out on history's autopsy table honors a communist pervert. While the organs that were once healthy when our nation was White are removed and weighed, while the embalming fluid of lies and materialism is pumped in, the average White continues to slumber. The average White still pretends everything is fine, even as the corpse of the U.S.S.A. is prepared for the cremation oven of the coming racial all against all. In Seattle swipple Whites were parked in front of the electronic synagogue, worshiping their Africa Ball team. Whites are "having a dream," asleep in a fog of lowest common denominator kosher pacification, chemicals, careerism and willful ignorance. Meanwhile, the rule of law quietly erodes as we enter a new stage of police apathy and increasingly brazen "teen" criminals.

There have been several recent incidents of teenagers seemingly randomly attacking people in the Rainier Valley.

The same predictable negro malfunction. The same content of their character.

A woman said she was just a block from her home Monday when she was punched in the back of the head by a group of teenagers along Rainier Avenue in front of a Ethiopian church.  Then the attackers grabbed her purse and took off though the church parking lot.

"Robbery gone wrong." No race mentioned, as per policy.

Neighbors like Lee Carlson said the area may not have best reputation, but said brutal robberies of innocent people are not normal.

"Dis ain't be like de Africa all versus all, we still ain't be choppin' up pee-pole fo' am-you-lets."

“Generally if you're not involved in illegal activity, those things don't come to you,” Carlson.

Yeah, keep believing that. "I voted for Obama and feel guilty about my own race, the negro won't attack me." We've seen how wrong that thinking is countless times.

Two blocks down Rainier, outside a grocery store, another person was attacked by a group of teens two days earlier, according to police reports.  The reports show that victim was just walking home with some lemons he bought when he was attacked from behind by a group of teenagers.

The tranquilizing drug of kosher distractions.

An hour earlier police said the same teens ransacked and terrorized customers at a Rite Aid off Rainier.  Seattle police said officers aware of problems in the area but are not doing any special patrols. 
"We know things are bad in negro town, but we don't care."

In fact, the Ethiopian church's pastor said the police didn't even ask them for their surveillance video.

It's a shame, they could have seen some brown blobs running off. Still, time is precious. Stamp the "no arrests were made" stamp on the bottom of the report and send it down the memory hole.


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