The Pathology of the American White

For the last century White nations have been targeted by a kosher, marxist plan to destroy our culture, families and religion in the name of communism. Our enemies have worked tirelessly to bring about this planned demolition, aided by the biological weapon of negroes, la-teen-ohs and other assorted non-White detritus. The current nightmare and the coming ruin represent the culmination of that plan, a victory beyond the wildest dreams of the marxist jews. This is all intentional. White genocide and the mindless, easily ruled "tan everyman" is the goal.

None of this would have succeeded without the apathy and direct aid of Whites. Our enemies are a tiny, wildly unrepresentative minority. Their foot soldiers are disorganized and moronic brown sewage. Against healthy White men they would have been powerless. Against the careerist, the materialist, the White person who has no problem letting their nation die if it means another day of cheap luxury, the communist goals can quietly gain ground.

Then there are Whites that actively cheer their own destruction, the absolute dregs of our race. They huddle in JEWdeo-christian churches, they vote for our destruction, they are full of misguided "love" for the alien but could not care less about their own White neighbor. Or their White wife and child.

Justin Carroll is the proud dad of a 6-week-old daughter in Tennessee, but thus far he's done his doting via Facetime video phone calls from Africa. Since mid-November, Carroll has been living in Congo, unwilling to leave until he gets exit papers allowing two newly adopted sons to travel with him.

There's a point where anti-White behavior passes from ignorance and apathy into full-blown malevolence. Justin Carroll crossed that border a long time ago. His sickening behavior is atypical, but represents far more Whites than it should. Granted, this "man's" behavior still represents the 99th percentile of actively betraying the White race.

However, they say that promised exit papers for the children are now being withheld pending further case-by-case reviews, and the parents don't want to leave Kinshasa without them.

We can only hope he'll be chopped up for amulets, imprisoned for witchcraft or shot dead by a child soldier. I certainly don't want to see this slime return to the U.S.S.A. with genetic waste in tow.

"Justin is not going to leave the boys," Alana Carroll said from the family's home in Jefferson City, Tenn., where she's been caring for biological daughter Carson since her birth on Nov. 25. Justin Carroll was not present for Carson's birth; he left for Africa almost a week earlier.

It's a crowded field, but this might be the worst behavior from a White "man" I've ever seen. Worship of The Other raised to lunacy, a trip to the African all against all takes precedence over being present for the birth of your White daughter. This is mental and spiritual leprosy.

"In a dire situation, we would just move there," said Alana, referring to Congo. "Leaving our sons there is not an option."

Yes. Please do that. Take a few careerists and a few of God's Favorite People with you, if it isn't too much trouble.

According to UNICEF estimates, Congo — long plagued by poverty and conflict — is home to more than 800,000 children who've lost both parents, in many cases because of AIDS.

The Heart of Darkness, long plagued by a failed race of 60 I.Q. bipeds that are incapable of self-governance.

Congolese authorities earlier attributed the suspension to concerns that some children had been abused or abandoned by their adoptive parents or have been "sold to homosexuals."

Yeah. Even the African negro is dimly aware of our spiritual sickness.

"Look at me! I'm not racist!"

The Carrolls and four other families have dubbed themselves the "Stuck In Congo Five" and created a Facebook page to draw attention to their plight. Alana and two of the other mothers also have been communicating through their blogs.

This story is making me physically ill. Bring on the cleansing fire.

Not every White can be saved. Some are so far past redemption their lives become a sickening lesson in how far we've fallen. A "man" completely destroyed by a matrix of lies. This is what I'm fighting against. This is pure evil.


  1. This video offers a glimpse into the mind of the above suicidal individual...

    Group Polarization & The Fad of Ethnomasochism

    Also abandoning his daughter for those animals, shame on that disgusting idiot!

  2. History has shown us that they are and always be the Devil.

  3. History has shown us that they are and always be the Devil.


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