White Woman Committed Suicide By Negro

We are being lied to constantly. The current truth famine is absolutely remarkable, both in its scope and depth and the apathy the average White expresses toward it. We are attached to an I.V. drip of kosher deceit and most don't even see it as a problem. The negro is our equal, we are told. We should feel guilty for who we are. And, of course, we should miscegenate. On the talmudvision it's glamorized, presented as a wonderful thing. In real life the result is blood, mayhem and death.

Mallory, 44, is facing a possible life sentence in the brutal stabbing death of a beloved Beaverdam-area woman who’d taken him into her home in late 2011 where she was raising two teenaged children.

Another "speedy trial" that will drag on and on until this animal is either given free food and housing for life or gets released to commit more crimes by an inept jury. A White woman invited this monster into her home and bed, with predictable deadly results. Went black, is not coming back.

Brutally murdered his snow hoe.

On Jan. 30, 2012, a neighbor found Sarajane Hakopian, 44, lifeless and bleeding in the Beaverdam Road home where she lived with Mallory and her two children. Hakopian had failed to turn up for her job caring for a disabled adult woman.

The end of the road for another do-gooder. Our noblest traits are used against us by our enemies, over and over. Whites care about justice, the "right thing," helping others in need. This is cynically exploited by the marxist toward the goal of White genocide.

The rocky start to the proceedings Monday followed months of pretrial delays brought on by Mallory’s successful effort last year to gain a new lawyer in the case.

In a sane nation this monster would have been put down. In a sane nation this monster never would have been present in the first place.

Of about 40 potential jurors called for possible selection, none was African-American. The 14-person panel selected to hear the case, 11 women and three men, includes two alternate jurors.

"Oy, another lynching of an innocent "African American," racist justice system, mistrial, ten years of appeals, give me shekels, etc"

Mallory, who has a long criminal record, had just purchased a bus ticket to Miami.

"Invite this into your house, White woman. Commit bestiality with it. Nothing bad will happen. You can trust me, I'm a jew."

DuBose said the jury’s racial makeup may be grounds for an appeal at a later date.

This is just going to keep dragging on. She's still dead.

The real life negro is very different than the propaganda that vomits out of the synagogue in the living room. Replace "cool, hip, soulful and not boring like Whitey" with "violent, moronic, long criminal record, full of hatred toward Whites." They have no place in White nations and attempts to violate this rule have resulted in disaster. More dead Whites. It has to stop.


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