White Woman Tries to Help Negro With Predictable Results

As a whole there is no racial group that is more generous, altruistic, concerned about justice and "doing the right thing" than Whites. In fact, these traits are almost completely absent in other races. Caring about others and wanting the world to be "fair" has allowed us to build a civilization that is the envy of the rest of the world and create a standard of living far above the African all against all, the la-teen-oh sewer or the Oriental ant farm. It's also left us vulnerable to our enemies. The basic goodness of Whites has been repeatedly exploited in the last century and we now live with the results.

This kindness is considered weakness by a brown horde that cares only about their own self-interests. Both at the national level and at the personal level.

A 26-year-old Florida woman may never walk again after her kind gesture to offer a stranger a ride to the hospital turned into a nightmare attack that has ruined her life.

 Ignore genetic determinism and racial reality at your own peril.

Ms Schlinger says she fought back and escaped with her life, but two spinal surgeries later, she still can't use her right arm or walk on her own. And since she's uninsured, she already owes one hospital $250,000 and is about to be kicked out of a third.

The human cost of "diversity."

She was smoking a cigarette in the car at the nearby Quality Inn around 4am when she was approached by 23-year-old Michael Antwon Fuller who asked her for a cigarette and the two started talking about their relatives in the hospital.

When you see a negro approaching at 4 am, prime time for criminal behavior, it's time to go for that concealed carry. At at minimum, get out of there. Does this even need to be said? It seems some Whites have been indoctrinated by Big Jew to the point where they don't even have the most basic survival instincts.

Fuller told her he was worried about his uncle at the hospital and wondered if she wouldn’t mind driving him up there so he could see him. ‘Yeah I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me,’ she joked, agreeing to drive him since the hospital was only four minutes away and Fuller was clean cut, well-spoken and well dressed.

She thought she was encountering the mythical "one good one" that's depicted in kosher fiction on the electronic synagogue. She was wrong.

‘Who could hurt that precious face?’  Ms Schlinger recalls him responding.

So smooth and cool, just like all those doctor and lawyer negroes on the telavivision. What could go wrong?

From there the road went pitch black and when Ms Schlinger turned to tell him she didn’t think there was another entrance, he allegedly hit her face with the mouth of his gun.

The same predictable dysfunction.

Criminal negro dog shit raped a White woman.

Outside of the car, she says he pointed his gun at her and forced her to perform oral sex.

The content of their character. These animals have no place in White nations.

‘I kept begging him not to rape me,’ she said. Hoping to save herself, she offered to drive him to an ATM and give him all the money in her bank account.

Our national policy of negro appeasement in miniature. We'll pay and pay and hope that somehow makes the genetic and cultural alien behave itself. White nations are an ATM for the negro. Then they turn around and rape our women.

According to Ms Schlinger, Fuller tried to stop her, continuing to hit her on the head with his pistol before moving over onto her lap to try to control the car but she successfully propelled the car into a tree, totalling the 8,000 Dodge Durango she just paid off.

This is what Democracy looks like.

Fuller was arrested and is facing charges of kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct, unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession of a weapon with the commission of a crime.

Expect an appallingly lenient sentence. After all, rule of law is "races" and our prisons are "over-crowded," in case you'd forgotten.

'It's been awful. It's been the most painful, traumatic experience of my life. The man ruined my life,' she said.

There will be no special laws, no marches, no calls for justice or presidential speeches. Another life ruined. Don't become the next victim. Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. 

She hasn’t gotten the bill from the Aiken hospital yet, but the total for MCG is already 250,000.

I guess the Obummer Care doesn't cover this sort of thing.

The American negro male is at least seven times more likely to commit a crime of violence than a White or Asian. Even that number is probably low, as brown criminals magically become White on police reports. The negro is dangerous. Until it can be removed, we have to protect ourselves.


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