Another Horrific "Teen" Attack on an Elderly White Victim

When you document the death of formerly White nations you run across the same stories so many times, complete with the same predictable marxist script, that you're forced to wonder why no one is talking about these things. The undeclared one-sided race war that prominently targets elderly Whites has generated no interest from the dinosaur media or our criminal government. A lot of Whites probably have no idea how common these crimes are, how violent and how depraved. We are sharing living space with savage animals. The vulnerable are targeted, the ultimate goal is complete genocide of the White race.

Carroll Jordan, 86, was severely beaten at his home on 11th Avenue in Chickasaw on Monday, Jan. 27, said CPD spokesman Lt. Tommy McDuffie. Police were called to the scene around 12:25 p.m. that day, McDuffie said.

Another forgotten White victim. Work hard, Whitey. Bite your tongue. Stare into the telavivision. Do what the man with the #6 nose and the little cap on his head says. Do things that are not in your best interests for "justice." Your big reward after a lifetime of servitude? A lonely apartment, an appalling negro attack. We must restore White nations.

They had been called after a neighbor went to Jordan's house to borrow something and found a stranger at the door, McDuffie said. The stranger fled and the neighbor found Jordan suffering from multiple stab wounds and a heavy beating inside the house, he said.

The content of their character. Another unarmed elderly victim.

On Saturday, Jordan was struggling for survival in the intensive care unit at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. McDuffie could not provide additional details on his condition on Monday.

No one cares. A dying White man, abandoned in a dying nation gone insane.

Police say at least two men broke into Jordan's home and stole a flat-screen television. The TV was later found in Jordan's yard, McDuffie said.

Robbery gone wrong.

We can have a safe, free and prosperous nation or we can have this.

"We don't think (this crime) was random," McDuffie said. "We think (Jordan) was targeted in part because he was known to keep his door open -- neighbors would go by to check on him."

We don't want to offend the "African American" with racist locks. Another lamb to the slaughter in the racial nightmare we're forced to live in.

Authorities are still searching for his suspected accomplice, identified as DeAngelo Terrell Smith.

That's not an Italian, in case you were wondering.

A forgotten White victim, discarded by a sick society, stabbed over possession of an electronic synagogue. Negro "teens" committing daylight home invasions, knowing that the "races" justice system is afraid to actually punish the pathology. It's only going to get worse until it all crashes down.


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