Another Mall Put "On Tilt" By Negro Savages

Civilization is an agreement entered into by free individuals. We agree to make certain sacrifices in exchange for the impressive benefits that spring from a society where people work together for a common vision. For this national contract to work, everyone must do their part. There is no room for a giant permanent underclass of genetic aliens that want all the benefits of White civilization but none of the responsibilities. More always needs to be done, the crisis always continues, the same pathology over and over. No nation can survive this enemy within. The end game is either the removal of incompatible outsiders or total collapse and an endless dark nightmare. The last sixty years have proven that the negro is incapable of meeting even the most modest standards of behavior. We aren't equal. We never were.

Three teens have been charged after a large fight at Potomac Mills mall Saturday night.

Those crazy "teens" and their innocent little pranks again. Full blown negro rioting in the shadow of our occupied capital.

Officers encountered a group of about 20 teens “actively fighting,” Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok said in a news release.

African all against all inside a kosher monument to materialism, consumerism and spiritual sickness. The "diverse" forces devouring the corpse of America come together.

Tuesday, detectives from the police department’s gang unit identified three suspects involved in the fight. Police said the fight “stemmed from an ongoing dispute between two rival street gangs.”

Negro behavior that defies no stereotypes and is completely predictable. We are forced to live next to this dangerous garbage. They need to be sent back to "The Mother."

Two 15-year-old Woodbridge boys and a 14-year-old Triangle boy were arrested and charged with malicious wounding, assault and battery and two counts of criminal gang participation.

More foul gases escape the remains of a nation that took its own life.

For all your tribal warfare needs.

The fight came 10 days after a 17-year-old was slashed "multiple times" with pocket knives in what police described as a gang attack outside Manassas Mall. Several teens have been charged in that case.

Why we must be armed, vigilant and avoid the negro as much as possible. These things are moronic animals.

We need more programs, more White guilt, more spending, more White genocide, more special preferences and anti-White policies. Genetic determinism laughs at all of this. The only solution is White nationalism. The failed policy of negro appeasement has led to nothing but disaster. It's time for White self-determination.


  1. I for one thank God that they only make up 34 percent of the population. You make some valid points.


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