Elderly Nurse Brutally Beaten By Negro Patient

The negro will select the most vulnerable available targets for its savagery. The "African American" is a violent coward. This is why we hear endless stories of negro packs attacks, of unarmed victims, elderly victims. It is not a good time to be weak. We are forced to live with genetic aliens that are simply unable to control their base urges. The protections that used to exist, such as segregation and the rule of law, are gone. The ruined lives continue to pile up in the memory hole as this silent disaster unfolds across a nation that has died after a long battle with spiritual cancer.

Investigators were trying determine Sunday why a hospital patient in Brooklyn allegedly turned on his nurse and beat her until she was unconscious.

Obama care preview. Brown sewage attacking elderly caregivers for no discernible reason. The future of the U.S.S.A.: trying to care for the sick animal, trying to restore those vital signs, only to be attacked.

As CBS 2′s Janelle Burrell reported, the nurse, Evelyn Lynch, 70, is fighting for her life. She is in critical condition after undergoing emergency surgery.

An old woman forced to keep working in her twilight years is left broken by the violent idiocy of the American negro.
The nurse was removing Kwincii Jones’ catheter at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brownsville when he knocked her to the ground and began beating her repeatedly, police said.

"Healthcare gone wrong."

Police say the man was about to leave the hospital Friday afternoon when he became agitated, struck the nurse on the head and knocked her to the floor.

We can stop pretending logic, self-control and human agency exist in a monster that gets "agitated" and attacks an elderly woman. Even calling it an animal seems too dignified. Our nations can't survive this plague on two legs.

“I actually hear she was a sweet old lady,” one Brookdale employee told CBS 2. “That’s why it’s a little weird to me because I don’t know why it would happen. It’s not like she was mean or anything like that.”

Jones, who was escorted out of the 67th Precinct police station Saturday, faces second-degree assault and attempted murder charges.

Look, charges that actually match the severity of the crime! Now for the "races" justice system to find a way to screw this up and release this worthless piece of shit.

Full Article.

Dangerous creatures that could get "agitated" at any time. This is the face of the collapse, the biological weapon that brought an entire nation to its knees. It was wrong and wicked to pretend they could live in a civilized White nation and this madness needs to stop. The negro needs to go home to "The Mother." We need a White homeland.


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