Jews Demand Internet Censorship

Before the rise of the internet there was a one-way conduit of information that was completely controlled by the kosher nation-wreckers. Any ridiculous "narrative" could be passed off on the slumbering goyim and there wasn't a lot the tiny percentage of awake Whites could do to counter this. Then the game changed. With a little effort an honest White man can have a significant voice on the internet. It's getting harder and harder to continue the marxist deception. The jews are outraged. They want censorship.

Anti-Semitism on the net is “like a tsunami wave,” Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov said during a Sunday hearing on online hate speech.

"Oy, a tsunami wave of thought crime! My whole family and all my pets turned into living room accessories by not-sees!" This is all our enemy has for an argument, wailing about the "hate" and trying to demonize the Whites that have unplugged from the kosher matrix of careerism, materialism and endless lies.

Razbozov called for countries to enact legislation restricting online hate, and warned that if Jews will not act to combat the spread of anti-Semitism online, they will eventually “find themselves in mortal danger.”

What exactly is "hate?" This article never bothers to define it, so I will. It's anything that represents the self-interests of normal Whites. Obviously this must be stopped so that Grandma doesn't go up a chimney again.

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, the Israeli Internet Association and the Anti-Defamation League, among other bodies, testified regarding the dangers of online hate and discussed methods of combating disinformation about Jews and Israel.

The face of the enemy.

The Anti-Defamation League testified regarding its ongoing relationship with Internet hosting company GoDaddy to take down anti-Semitic websites, citing some 30 sites it said were taken down by the American company.

Their is no rational argument against White Nationalism. The jew knows they can't fight the truth, so the only recourse is to try to stuff the internet genie back in the bottle. Too late.

Facebook has also been working with the ADL, its representative said.

Creepy jew behind spying/data collection web site.

“I fear that we are fighting a losing battle,” he said. “I am convinced that our focus should be on getting Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and urge websites to remove anti-Semitic materials and not with setting up our own sites and pages to negate the anti-Semitism.

We can't win in the so-called "marketplace of ideas." We need to silence the cattle. Put more sodomy on the electronic synagogue, push alcohol and drugs, dangle the carrot of careerism. It's not going to work. The disastrous "jewish century" is over. The time has come for the White Century.

When you're taking heavy flak you know you're right above the target. The jew is in panic mode, desperately trying to stop Whites from educating themselves and thinking about their own future. We're hitting the enemy hard. For all their shekels and influence the jew is helpless to stop the spread of information. We're going to win.


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