Knockout Game Attacks Hit Iowa

Whenever you have negroes you have problems. Whether it's the African all against all, the sad ruins of Detroit Rot City or White rural America there are no exceptions to this rule. This failed race is simply incapable of even the most modest standards of behavior. Combine poor impulse control and low intelligence with a hatred toward Whites that's almost impossible for us to fully comprehend and you get racially motivated crimes that the dinosaur media is quick to bury and our criminal government is careful to ignore. Who remembers the black pack attack in 3% negro Oshkosh, to pick a "random" example. Any number of negroes is too many.

Today we're back in Iowa, a state that represents the remnants of traditional White America better than many. A state being flooded with la-teen-oh invaders and negro garbage. A state where the undeclared, one-sided race war entered the stage it's currently in when Beat Whitey Night was celebrated at the state fair in 2010.

Now, much like Mulatto History Month, the goal seems to make Beat Whitey Night an all-year event.

Ames police are investigating multiple reports of a man randomly punching people in the face.

In the first line we already get three intentional errors. The first is that this racially motivated crime was somehow "random." The second is that a "man" was the criminal and not some stone age leftover. The third is that the "no arrests were made" squad actually cares about catching the evolutionary dead-end that did this.

The people reported to police that a man punched them in the face in two separate incidents.

Must be more of that "random" crime that has no discernible pattern and certainly doesn't represent a low level war against Whites.

"About halfway down the block a guy got out of a car and started following me down the street," said Behnke. "He followed me pretty closely. It always sounded like he was increasing pace. It kept scaring me."

This is why you need to be armed. When you're being followed by some "guy" in the small hours you better be ready to deploy that concealed carry or you're just the next forgotten victim.

The Iowa State sophomore slowed down and tried to let the man pass him.

Our national policy of negro appeasement in microcosm.

"I heard him just right behind me and I heard a couple steps and then I felt the hit to my side and I was on the ground," said Behnke.

I thought I'd be safe disarming myself, worshiping the negro, voting for a mulatto con-man, and living in one of the Whiter areas of a dead nation. I was wrong.

"After he hit me, him and his buddies just started laughing -- got in the car. He didn't steal anything, nothing like that, but it just seemed like a joke to them," said Behnke.

The content of their character. Free range Whites preyed upon by dangerous savages.

What Behnke didn't realize was minutes before another man was also assaulted at the intersection of Hayward Avenue and Knapp Street. That man suffered a broken jaw.

This forgotten victim of the rot doesn't even get a name.

Behnke said he is confident his attack was part of what is called the "knockout game," which are crimes reported across the USA where suspects attempt to knock out or sucker punch a victim.

Yeah, those crazy "suspects" and their wacky hi-jinks. What we're dealing with is planned negro attacks on White victims. This has been going on for years, ignored by a dinosaur media that still denies this is happening. It's part of the kosher plan for White genocide.

Ames police can't confirm that the incidents are related to a knockout game, but they can say they're similar.

Contrast this "oh well" apathy to the time the Light of the World was bitten by the animal they released and the entire rotten system was deployed amongst cries of "antisemitism" and "Grandma went up a chimney six times!" When expendable Whites are attacked the 90 I.Q. boys in blue can't even call it what it is.

Police said the man involved was a black male about 6 feet tall with dreadlocks that might have had yellow or highlighted tips.

The raw material for a healthy democracy.

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