Mulatto History Month Under Fire From False Opposition

February is a dreary month that can't end fast enough. The days are short, cold and miserable. Snow and ice are constant dangers, a bleak gray sky a constant companion. We get a materialist holiday about "love," certainly not marriage or having White children, of course. We get a day where the groundhog peaks out, sees the icy hellscape and says "forget this, I'm going back in the hole." Then there's mulatto history month, a miserable kosher celebration of the first mulatto to hold various meaningless positions, mulatto invention myths and a general oppressive air of a roman holiday instituted by the conquering oppressors of the Frankfurt School.

Maybe this sort of racial balkanization and victim group "us against them" mentality is not the wonderful thing it's typically presented at, some might timidly suggest. This provides a wonderful opportunity for more "narratives" and jew lectures, while the White victims just wish the damn month would end so we can start la-teen-oh month (September 15 to October 15) or sodomite month (June) or Somali month or Aleutian Islander month or...

With just nine days left in February, the international monthly holiday known as Black History Month is coming under fire for its necessity. 

Yeah, "the international." Weird communist language right out of the gate. I'm almost certain this is a real marxist article and not some sophisticated satire, but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

While most people are holding events and honoring outstanding African-Americans past and present, many are debating if the holiday needs to go, or morph into something different.

Honestly, is this article legitimate? Yeah, most of us are busy holding we-love-the-mulatto parties. The marxist true believer lives in a delusion. As far as the "get rid of it" debate I'm pretty sure that falls into the category of Thought Crime, which is simply censored or punished rather than taken seriously as an argument.

Reported today on HuffPost’s ‘The Blog’, President and CEO at The Center for Workforce, Trudy Bourgeois, shared a few strong opinions on this topic. At the beginning of her post today she said, “Black History Month is a farce.” Is she serious?.

This has got to be some kind of joke. "Bourgeois?" Really? It's not a joke? I can hardly believe it. Anyway, Trudy MiddleClassWorkerEnemy is, of course, an affirmative action negress holding a make-work position in a Stalinist office. Her criticism is basically "erry dae sho be da blak his-toe-ree munff" so this feigned outrage seems even more ridiculous. After all, more always needs to be done. Just ask the Kenyan queer.

 Trudy Ownerofmeansofproduction has the controversial opinion of wanting more negro worship.

She thinks African-American history should be celebrated everyday, not just for one month. She has a point -- that African-American history should be an everyday event. Bourgeois offered further harsh beliefs on this topic. Some might find them offensive, but she isn’t alone.

Only in the fantasy world of the communist is a call for more negro worship and anti-White rhetoric a "harsh belief" that somehow goes against the plans of the kosher wire-pullers. We must supplicate to the 85 I.Q. genetic alien every single day. That's a good point. But wait, it gets "harsh!"

Actually, no it doesn't, because we just hear the same lame call for year-round worship of the alien parroted by other negroes and jews.

Guest Columnist, Ph.D, Emmanuel Ngomsi also thinks the month should be used in a better manner. Specifically he would like the holiday to help figure out ways to overcome current issues faced by African-Americans. He wants to see more work that enriches African-American communities, rather than just celebrating past history.

"We be wantin' dat chedda, not jus da wite debil bowin' daawn."

Adding, he doesn’t seem to think the holiday needs to go away completely, but rather be improved.

Controversy! This communist writer should read some of the things I routinely write about on this blog. Her head would explode.

On Feb. 21, from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m., the ‘Crawl’ night will include honoring teenagers who have risen above segregation, featuring student essays, while the Underground Railroad will be open to all visitors, and then finishing the event lineup is the Wash Arts, where people can enjoy local and regional artists.

Communism is a cult that worships resentment, jealousy, the ugly and death. Let's go for a "crawl" with those wacky "teens" and hear whole-cloth accounts of the past. Top that off with some (c)rappers and bongo drummers and you've got the perfect evening for slumbering White careerist status whores eager to prove their negro love and commitment to America's coming collapse.

He believes that the history should be celebrated everyday with the rest of history. Roach said, the holiday continues to separate African-American history from the rest of American History, and continues a segregation ideology of “me” and “you”.

Imagine a brown fist punching a White face. Everyday. Imagine Detroit. These genetic outsiders need to be removed from White nations.

That's the false, completely kosher opposition to Mulatto History Month. The highly controversial subject of whether we should have a lot of negro appeasement or an extreme amount is debated by communist negroes and their jew handlers. Meanwhile our nation is being embalmed. A White nation is the answer.


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