Negro Slime Arrested, Elderly White Victim "Somewhat Responsive"

Yesterday we talked about another violent, racially motivated negro attack on an elderly victim. Today we get an update, which is unusual enough by itself, but even more so because another piece of negro dog shit has been arrested. That's the good news. The bad news is the usual kosher script is slavishly followed by the dinosaur media, ignoring the racial element and downplaying this horrific and senseless crime as another "robbery gone wrong." Even worse, it looks like the negroes involved are going to get comically light sentences for trying to murder a White man. They still might succeed, he's fighting to stay alive in a hospital. Hopefully Obummer Care covers this sort of negro pathology.

On Monday, February 3, Deangelo Smith, 19, was arrested and charged with first degree burglary and assault for his role in the alleged Jordan beating.  CPD says Smith was picked up by the U.S. Marshals task force around 8 p.m. Monday night at the R.V. Taylor Plaza in Mobile.

Trying to kill a man during a home invasion is now "burglary and assault." It's unlikely this worthless animal will do significant amounts of time for this sickening crime. Besides, I'm sure he's a good boy, is turning his life around, future astronomer, investigative reporter and/or rapper, etc.

The rule of law continues to vanish. The negroes involved in this should be put down. They never should have been in a White nation to begin with.

His alleged accomplice, 18-year Robert Campbell was arrested earlier Monday and faces the same charges.

A trip to the "crib" for a year or two. Free meals and housing on Whitey's dime. All the "down low" activity they could possibly want. An early release to prey on more vulnerable Whites. This is the likely outcome.

We pretended this creature was human.

Nephew Donald Johnson says Jordan still has a long road to recovery.  His uncle remains at U.S.A Medical Center in the Intensive Care Unit.
More wonders of "diversity." While the simian monsters that did this are not seriously punished this man will carry the physical and psychological scars of this appalling crime for the rest of his life.
However short it is.

Johnson says Jordan is somewhat responsive but still needs help breathing.

Another forgotten victim. White America is somewhat responsive but still needs helps waking from the kosher coma of materialism, careerism and spiritual sickness.

The day before the alleged crime, Jordan’s neighbor Constance Agee says she saw Smith in the neighborhood, just yards from Jordan’s home.

“He was just standing out there acting like he was tying his shoes,” Agee said.  “And I told my husband, ‘He’s acting like he’s tying his shoes. It’s taking him too long to tie his shoes.’ So, [Smith and Campbell] were targeting him then.”

Why you need to be armed. If you see a negro animal skulking around your house you get your firearm and confront it. We have to protect ourselves and our White neighbors. This crime might have been prevented.

Now the "races" justice system can swing into action even as this story goes down the memory hole, joining so many just like it. The animals that did this will soon be back on the streets, pretending to tie their shoes, targeting White victims. Will you be the next forgotten White victim? Make sure you're not.


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